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3M™ Scotch-Blue Industrial Masking Tape 2750 from Adept

industrial masking tape

Scotch-Blue™ 2750 Masking Tape is a high performance tape with a more aggressive adhesive that can be used in high temperature bake operations as well as in many other varied applications including painting, masking, bundling, protecting and shielding. Scotch-Blue™ 2750 gives you a professional finish every time.

  • High performance, high quality Scotch-Blue tape
  • Temperature resistance to 120°c
  • Rubber-based adhesive providing strong holding power on most surfaces including aluminium and stainless steel
  • Clean removal up to three days in sunlight UV-exposed conditions
  • Straight, sharp paint lines
  • Flexibility for use with both solvent-and latex-based paints
  • Crepe paper backing allows conformability to curves and shapes

Scotch-Blue™ 2750 Masking Tape sizes available are - 18mm x 55m, 24mm x 55m, 36mm x 55m, 48mm x 55m.

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