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Scando 650 Speeds Up Facade Installation from Alimak Hek

construction hoist high rise

Alimak hoists speed-up installation of facade on Hickory's 27-floor apartment tower

Construction on Hickory's Alexander Lombard Tower, located in Travancore, Melbourne, commenced in July 2010. The tower, standing at 27 stories and comprising 396 apartments, marks the third and final stage of the visionary Travancore development and is due for completion in July 2012.

Twin Alimak Scando 650s, in a high-speed/ mid-speed combination, were installed on site at Travancore to provide vertical access for personnel and materials during construction of the apartment building.

"Working in with Hickory for the installation of facade in hoist areas of the building at the Travancore project, has allowed an accelerated commencement of hoist affected apartments."

The addition of the twin Scando hoists allowed transport of heavy materials/payloads to each of the tower's 27 levels, thus freeing-up use of the tower crane to pursue more critical lifting.

Alimak Scando 650 is the world's most popular hoist concept, its modular system offering flexibility, efficiency, safety and speed. With a payload capacity of up to 3,200kg, reaching lifting heights of 250m, the passenger/goods hoist achieves maximum speeds of 60m/min. Since its inception in 2004, more than 1000 Alimak Scando 650s have been delivered worldwide.

"Efficient and reliable vertical transportation is the key to smooth and timely completion of any project. I have found Alimak Hek to be exceptional with their consultancy, from early works planning to decommissioning and recovery... this would not have been possible without the service and commitment Alimak Hek provide." -Paul Jones, Hickory Project Manager

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