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Contemporary Aluminium Facades from Alucobond Architectural

triangular anodized alucobond panels

Contemporary School Facility Clad In 17,000 Triangular Anodized Alucobond Panels.

The modern and highly intricate design of the Georges-Freche School of Hotel Management in Montpellier was constructed using 17,000 triangular anodized aluminum panels from Alucobond.

Architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas punctured the building's exterior with nearly 5,000 triangular windows, each of which are unique.

aluminum facade georges-freche school montpellier

Although a portion of the building is an educational facility comprised of student and management lodging, sports facilities, classrooms and administrative offices, the Y-shaped secondary building, houses a public hotel and restaurants.

The aqueous nature of the façade was created with reinforced concrete using "shotcrete" technology, which allowed the curvature of the structure to be created. The building was then given a futuristic twist with the anodized Alucobond aluminum composite material fabricated into an ornate geometric design.

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architectural aluminum facade triangular panels

Photography courtesy of © Massimiliano, Doriana Fuksas, Moreno Maggi and Ramon Pratt.

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