Sustainable bamboo flooring from Style Australasia

Style Colour Range.

Currently forest resources are seriously depleted and the ecological environment is getting worse; people must stop using non-renewable timber. Because bamboo is environmentally friendly, it will no doubt become an increasingly popular material in the 21st century.

Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource; it is self-regenerating, growing to maturity and achieving optimum hardness in approximately 5 years. It has high carbon absorption rates and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. There is both minimum waste and minimal pollution in its harvesting and production - all parts of the bamboo plant are utilized to produce a multitude of products. It is also highly termite resistant. Bamboo products are harder and more resistant to moisture than popular hard woods such as Red Oak and Cherry.

Some people have expressed concern that the natural habitat and food supply of Pandas will be harmed by bamboo product manufacture. The species of bamboo used for our products (Mao or Moso bamboo) is very different to that sought by Pandas and manufacture of our products has no negative impact on the Pandas environment.