Expansion Vessels for Hydronics by Zilmet from Hunt Heating

expansion vessels


After 40 years of activity Zilmet is leader in the production of expansion vessels for hydronics and pressure tanks for pumps.

Thank to its experience Zilmet stands out for flexibility, large range, product personalization and 30.000 finished products a day.

Production takes place in five plants, each one of them specialized by range. Total area is 200.000 sqm, of which 140.000 covered.

Manufacture includes the entire production cycle of expansion tanks, vessels and membranes. All products are made according to the main standards CE, TUV, WRc, DIN. Zilmet's quality system is ISO 9001 certified.

Diaphragm expansion vessels for centralized closed circuits. Suitable to compensate the increase of volume of hot water. Endowed with a synthetic rubber membrane, they are approved and manufactured according to the directive 97/23/CE, for Hydronic and non-potable water.

Technical Data
1. SBR rubber membrane for hot non potable water, approved by DIN 4807-3
2. Produced according to the directive PED 97/23/CE, certificate No ZDDK-MUC-02-396876-01
3. Maximum working temperature +90 degrees C
4. Red Color