Sustainable Green Roof System from Elmich Australia

green roof system cross section diagram

Elmich Green Roof System offers specifiers design flexibility to create aesthetically pleasing, heat and sound insulating, value added green roof gardens that cater for a wide range of plant species grown in diverse climatic and environmental conditions.

The Elmich Green Roof System incorporates a wide range of proprietary products to suit virtually any design requirement for both intensive and extensive roof garden applications. Highly UV stable and root resistant waterproofing membranes, drainage cells, water retention and drainage trays, geotextile and cellular confinement cells in addition to paver and decking support products all may be incorporated to create functional green roof garden areas.


  • Efficient water retention and drainage
  • Easy to install components
  • Facilitates active plant growth
  • Waterproof membrane protection
  • Reduced irrigation frequency
  • Reduced weight on building structure
  • Improved sound insulation


  • Roof gardens
  • Podiums and decks
  • Courtyards
  • Planter boxes

green roofs