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Bridco gets a firm grip on stainless steel modular handrail systems
Achieve a professional look with Bridco's stainless steel modular handrail systems, specially designed for DIY projects requiring no welding or specialised tooling. Our modular handrail systems can be supplied in pre-cut and drilled kit form to suit your personal specifications.

Dulux Trimatrx - the revolution in MDF finishing
Traditionally MDF finishing has always had constraints; whether it be environmental, cost and/or design. Trimatrx is a durable powder coating finish that releases MDF designers from all these constraints.

EcoSmart™ Fire - Igloo freestanding ethanol fireplace
The IGLOO is a free standing fireplace designed to accept the EcoSmart flue less burner. The IGLOO comprises a toughened glass frame for the back and sides and a non-combustible floating shelf (corian) that has a cut-out to accommodate a Top Tray (which is fitted flush with the shelf surface) and then the EcoSmart������¢���¯���¿���½������¢ Fire burner.

Perfect Winter Warmth from DEVI Floorheating
With summer heat making its presence felt, all who can, are enjoying the fresh cool breezes emitted by their cooling systems. But winter comfort is a very different matter. Anyone who has experienced floor-heating knows nothing come close to the divine feeling of luxury, comfort and warmth.

Sensor Taps and Flush Valves
Designers! Here is your opportunity to satisfy your clients' practical needs, without compromising aesthetics. All units are self-closing, which save building owners both water and money. They are solidly built to withstand heavy use and even vandalism, while maintaining clean lines and an attractive appearance.

Verosol introduces SilverScreen to Control heat and glare
Verosol, the innovator of metallised fabrics is proud to introduce SilverScreenT, a revolutionary new fabric used in the production of interior window furnishings. Not only will SilverScreenT provide a functional solution to the problems associated with glare and heat in a room, but it will also offer reduced fading of furniture and floor coverings. All this can be achieved while still maintaining your view.

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