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Access Floor System for Libraries | ASP Access Floors
Access Floor System for Libraries | ASP Access Floors. The Rigid Grid System from ASP Access Floors as the name suggests has a permanently fixed rigid grid under structure made up from the pedestals and stringers. The stringers are screw fixed onto the pedestal heads forming a perfect 600 x 600mm square grid. System Applications: The SC rigid grid system is designed for applications where: 1. Where there will be constant rolling activity on the floor.

Adjustable Termite Collar System | Exopest
Adjustable Termite Collar System | Exopest. FMC Australasia has launched the HomeGuard FlexiCollars as part of their extensive HomeGuard Precision Termite Management system range. The HomeGuard FlexiCollar is an innovative easy to use termite collar that is designed to integrate with the concrete slab and suit the needs of the large volume installer. It is constructed as a preformed single layer polymer that includes the termiticide Biflex.

Aluminium Pelmet for Ziptrak Blinds | Nolan.UDA
Aluminium Pelmet for Ziptrak Blinds | Nolan.UDA. New Ziptrak® Aluminium Pelmet Now Available. Ziptrak® is renowned as industry leaders for outdoor track guided blind systems. Part of the reason for this is that Ziptrak® is a brand that refuses to rest on its laurels and constantly looks to bring further quality and innovation to the market. These values have helped pave way to the development of the new aluminium pelmet.

Antistatic Polisher Plastic Cleaner | Acrylic Technologies
Antistatic Polisher Plastic Cleaner | Acrylic Technologies. Since the development of modern day plastics manufacturers, fabricators and end users have struggled with safe and effective cleaning of plastic surfaces. Because plastics are relatively soft they present challenges for safe and effective cleaning when compared to harder materials such as glass or metals.

Automated Solar Façade Control | Somfy
Automated Solar Façade Control | Somfy. solutions for Bioclimatic façades. Case Study: Queensland University of Technology Science & Engineering Centre. Focusing on sustainable and secure infrastructure, the centre aims to reduce greenhouse emissions and energy consumption with integrated systems and sensor technologies. A perfect match for Somfy's range of façade control options for commercial buildings.

Balustrade Systems for Aquila Apartments Melbourne | Axiom
Balustrade Systems for Aquila Apartments Melbourne | Axiom. Aquila Apartments are all about location superbly situated in the highly sought after Brunswick St district. Axiom Group was consulted to provide a solution to all balustrading types across the building which was not an issue with out broad range of frameless and semi frameless balustrade suites that cater to both the developers and architects desires whilst meeting the many budgetary and site requirements.

Banksia Sustainability Awards and GECA
Banksia Sustainability Awards and GECA. The annual Banksia Awards are back in full swing and are accepting entries for 2015. The most prestigious sustainability awards in Australia are now in their 26th year, recognising environmental excellence and sustainability across a range of categories and sectors. The Banksia Awards are run by the not-for-profit Banksia Foundation, which works with community and industry to promote positive contributions to the environment.

Bath Transfer Bench | CareVision Shop
Bath Transfer Bench | CareVision Shop. Bath Transfer Bench with adjustable Height is a sturdy, one-piece moulded bath bench for secure transfer in and out of bath. Broad textured seat includes drainage holes, curved backrest and single arm rail for added safety. The backrest can be inserted onto either side to suit users requirements.

Brass Profiles Cut to Size | Edcon Steel
Brass Profiles Cut to Size | Edcon Steel. Edcon Steel stocks a huge range of Brass profiles. Edcon Steel cut to all your brass to your sizes and we only charge for what you need (some minimums apply). The have a wide range brass, flats, brass round bars, hex bars, channels, angels and sheets. These items are all available to you over the counter or can be cut to your requirements.

Cantilever Security Gates | Magnetic Automation
Cantilever Security Gates | Magnetic Automation. Australian designed & manufactured gates protecting valuable assets. Magnetic Automation recently installed 6 MCG Cantilever Gates at a Waste Water Treatment Plant. The purpose of the gates is to prevent unauthorised vehicles from gaining access into the water treatment site. The gates on site have a high duty cycle to allow for continuous operation and gate speeds of up to 600mm per second for utmost efficiency.

Card Reader Bollards and Boom Gates | Magnetic Automation
>Card Reader Bollards and Boom Gates | Magnetic Automation. Magnetic Automation recently installed 14 MHTM Boom Gates and Card Reader Bollards at a newly established wholesale fruit & vegetable market. The MHTM boom gate range offers almost maintenance-free technology and extremely low operational costs. Due to the frequent use of the boom gates for deliveries to the site, it was imperative that the boom gates could withstand heavy-duty vehicles.

Colourful Commercial Carpet | Nolan.UDA
Colourful Commercial Carpet | Nolan.UDA. Nolan Carpets creates lively interior to QCI Bookkeeping. The project brief desired a fresh and lively interior that embodies the clients zest for a healthy lifestyle that continues into their work environment. See how Bellfort Services and Nolan Carpets range provided a stylish solution. It was a big decision for QCI Bookkeeping to grow from their existing office setup, purchase a newly built 78sqm tenancy and fit it out.

Commemorative Plaques | Architectural Signs Sydney
Commemorative Plaques | Architectural Signs Sydney. Tips On Choosing A Commemorative Plaque. If you are thinking of remembering an important man or woman, place, event, or deed, getting tailor-made cast plaques can be a great way to achieve this. The good thing about cast plaques is that they are resilient and can also be often restored to their original finishes, allowing you to lengthen the service life of such installations.

Concrete Crack Sealing with Radcon Formula #7 | Radcrete
Concrete Crack Sealing with Radcon Formula #7 | Radcrete. At the time of construction this enormous development was the talk of the town. It was ranked as one of the top 5 shopping centres in the world and the largest in Thailand. Initially Radcon Formula #7 was only applied over the critical areas however as new shrinkage cracks developed it was proven that Radcon #7 was regenerating itself.

Controlling Door Frame Corrosion | Taylors Doors & Frames
Controlling Door Frame Corrosion | Taylors Doors & Frames. The weld free frame that is produced from Taylors Doors and Frames can be installed into all typical wall constructions including brick, block, precast and drywall applications and common wall constructions found in Hospitality, Government and Public buildings, Corporate Offices, Medical and Sports facilities.

Curved Staircase | S&A Stairs
Curved Staircase | S&A Stairs. Sometimes when an architect makes space for a feature stair, it's hard to craft a stair that is simple and pared back. Because when you have the space for something grand, a design is forever changed and constrained by its scope. With that in mind, we set about making this curved stair to a set of classic principles. It's a curved space that requires a geometric stair, so we brought open American Oak treads.

Curved Double Glazed Units | Bent and Curved Glass
Curved Double Glazed Units | Bent and Curved Glass. Both aesthetic and thermal performance criteria have been satisfied with the curved glass solution manufactured by Bent and Curved Pty Ltd. Frames have been fabricated by A Division of Space with installation by Mt Barker Glass. A combination of grey tinted and clear toughened curved glass produced as double glazed units are used to maximise the U Value and SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) performance.

Customised Mouldings | Australian Moulding Company
Customised Mouldings | Australian Moulding Company. At the Australian Moulding Company they are proud to offer a selection of their most popular designs. Their wide range of moulds can be produced from any timber of your choice whilst our moisture resistant medium density fibre board is of the highest quality (MRMDF). All profiles are finished to a high quality, smooth standard ready to paint.

Customised Acoustic Ceiling Panels | Supawood
Customised Acoustic Ceiling Panels | Supawood. Inspiring 'tree' ceiling by SUPAWOOD adds warmth to award winning school hall. SUPAWOOD's SUPACOUSTIC acoustic panels warm the interior of the new award winning multipurpose hall at St Pius X High School in Adamstown, Newcastle NSW. In mid-2012 the school's hall was completely destroyed through fire by suspected arson, the damage estimated at more than $500,000.

Decking Screws | Multifixings
Decking Screws | Multifixings. Our decking screws are available in a variety of finishes. EM Coating, suitable for both ACQ & CCA treated Timber. Galvanized Class 3, suitable for exterior and CCA coated timber. Stainless Steel 304 Grade, suitable for most exterior applications. Stainless Steel 316 Grade, suitable for Coastal and Saltwater areas.

Decorative Concrete Dye | LATICRETE
Decorative Concrete Dye | LATICRETE. Sparta-Stain™ is a highly decorative concrete dye and seal flooring application that gives your floor a variety of unique finishes. As a popular alternative to polished or acid-stained concrete, this system offers a similar look with added durability and chemical resistance. Sparta-Stain™ is available in a high, medium or low gloss finish with optional floor traction additives to enhance slip resistance.

Display Fixtures and Fittings for Supercheap Auto | SI Retail
Display Fixtures and Fittings for Supercheap Auto | SI Retail. PROVEN PARTNERS: Supercheap Auto and SI Retail fitout partnership. In 1994 Supercheap Auto required a reliable partner to supply all the display fixtures and fittings for their stores and have them on hand for their store expansion program. Based on a handshake, we put a deal in place that would create a 26 year-long partnership. They constantly look to us for improvements and new ideas.

Eco Friendly Pool Cleaner | Waterco
Eco Friendly Pool Cleaner | Waterco. Eco friendly, easy to install and enhanced suction: Waterco releases advanced pool cleaner. One of the most popular pool cleaners on the market for both pool owners and pool builders, 'The Pool Cleaner', has been rebranded exclusively for Swimart and Waterco as the Swimkleen ATV - and it has a stack of improved features. The new model has been designed using over 35 years' experience and knowledge.

Efficient Gas Insert Fireplace | Escea Fireplaces
Efficient Gas Insert Fireplace | Escea Fireplaces. Introducing the AF700 Gas Fireplace - More Flame, Less Frame. The new AF700 was designed with the user in mind. It has the largest glass display compared to competing products, maximising flame effect - a feature of key importance to customers. The flexibility afforded by minimal framing can suit classic or contemporary home styling.

EJ Infrastructure Products Showcase at Civenex
EJ Infrastructure Products Showcase at Civenex. Civenex, The Biggest Show in Sydney - Hosts the Biggest Show on Earth, EJ. EJ sees the Civenex 60th Anniversary Show as a perfect opportunity to showcase a huge array of new and classic infrastructure products sourced from their global inventory. You'll be able to navigate through a display of new, innovative products, and inspect a range of access covers specifically designed and classed for all infrastructure projects.

EJ Access Solutions from Picardie Foundary France
EJ Access Solutions from Picardie Foundary France. Not only do we import infrastructure product from the US, we also access the high quality produced at our Picardie Foundry in France. This massive plant is located in the lush, rolling green fields 45 minutes north of Paris. This extraordinary foundry has won a gallery of awards for its state of the art design and exceptional foundry capabilities.

Emergency Lighting Monitoring and Testing MasterMinder | Famco
Emergency Lighting Monitoring and Testing MasterMinder | Famco. MasterMinder emergency monitoring and testing system for luminaires and exit signs. Why. All public and large buildings require the installation of approved emergency lighting equipment. Moreover Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS2293 stipulates that the equipment be tested regularly, batteries fully discharged, all units maintained in operating condition and a record kept of all tests.

Extended Length Self Retractable Lifelines | 3M Safety
Extended Length Self Retractable Lifelines | 3M Safety. 3M SAFETY AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND INTRODUCE THEIR NEW NANO-LOK™ EXTENDED LENGTH SRL RANGE. Extended length for added fall protection versatility! Capital Safety, the global leader in fall protection has announced the launch of their new DBI-SALA® Nano-Lok™ Extended Length range of Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL's).

External Venetians | Evaya
External Venetians | Evaya. The ev80 External Venetian Series heralds a new era in attractive and versatile shading solutions. It has been developed to benefit the continuing evolution of building design and sustainability. As we are becoming more aware and concerned about the impact we are having on the environment and our surroundings, we are beginning to understand the importance and benefits of external shading.

Exterior Grates and Drains | Vincent Buda
Exterior Grates and Drains | Vincent Buda. Vincent Buda and Company manufactures and distributes 316 marine grade stainless steel grates and drains for outdoor use. They are engineered to withstand the toughest weather conditions and provide a stylish finish. Anywhere with pedestrian traffic - balconies, pools and outdoor settings - Vincent Buda and Company have designed drains to provide a sleek and practical finish.

Extruded vs Expanded Polystyrene Insulation | Foamular
Extruded vs Expanded Polystyrene Insulation | Foamular. There is often a great deal of confusion between expanded (EPS) and extruded polystyrene(XPS), with many people assuming they are essentially the same, but in fact expanded and extruded polystyrene are very different products. Firstly there is the manufacturing procedure involved in creating the product.

Fall Prevention Window Screens | Alspec
Fall Prevention Window Screens | Alspec. Carinya Kidscreen. How to comply with fall prevention requirements in window systems without restricting the opening. Kidscreen™ has now been tested and approved on all Carinya Window Systems to meet these requirements of the National Construction Code 2013.

Fire Door Reinforcing Plates | Taylors Doors
Fire Door Reinforcing Plates | Taylors Doors. Taylors Doors reinforcing plates are installed during the construction of a fire door and due this it is not a product that can be retrospectively used once the door is constructed. Taylors Doors and Frames manufacture a full range of fire door reinforcing plates for both Mini and Maxi fire doors and are the recommended supplier of fire door reinforcing plates for Firecore branded fire resistant doors.

Fire Rated Concrete Lintels | Treco Steel
Fire Rated Concrete Lintels | Treco Steel. Treco Steel is a stockist of Ultrafloor Concrete Lintels. Ultrafloor Concrete Lintels are made from high strength concrete and are fire rated under load in accordance with the Australia Standard and can be easily rendered. They are non-corrodible and thus ideal for marine and industrial exposure conditions.

Foil Faced Pipe Insulation | Thermotec
Foil Faced Pipe Insulation | Thermotec. Thermotec 4-Zero is the most specified, foil faced, pipe insulation, used on commercial projects, in Australia. The 4-Zero product is a unique non-cross linked LDPE which is medium density and closed cell, making it suitable for all hot & cold water applications, including underground application. Ideal for Hospitals, Aged Care facilities, Hotels, Residential & Commercial High Rise, & Industrial applications.

Galintel J-Bar Shelf Beam | Treco Steel
Galintel J-Bar Shelf Beam | Treco Steel. The Galintel® J-Bar* Shelf Beam is the ideal solution for cavity walls, either double brick, or brick veneer with timber trusses. The J-Bar* was developed in response to demand from builders for an economical substitute for built-up steel sections such as a fabricated parallel flange channel and plate which have to be galvanised post fabrication.

Geometric Pattern Tiles | MDC Mosaics
Geometric Pattern Tiles | MDC Mosaics. Rustic geometric feature tiles for a feature wall or splashback. Creating geometric patterns with tiles in spaces such as a splashback or a recess in your wall can create a visual impact that draws the eye as soon as you enter the room. The pattern created with feature tiles brings interest and excitement that draws you in for a closer look.

Glass Alternative Splashbacks | Innovative Splashbacks
Glass Alternative Splashbacks | Innovative Splashbacks. INNOVATIVE SPLASHBACKS® IS WHERE 'DESIGN PERFECTION MEETS PRODUCT & SUPPLY PERFECTION' Need a High Quality, Stylish finish for kitchens, showers & wet areas without the cost and trouble of glass or tiles? Innovative Splashbacks® are market leaders in glass alternative splashbacks & decorative wall panels.

Gohera Limestone Tiles | Sareen Stone
Gohera Limestone Tiles | Sareen Stone. If you are after a neutral coloured stone with contemporary soft taupe tones with hints of fossil fragments then the Gohera limestone might be what you are looking for. This natural stone is incredibly versatile and hard wearing making it a great choice for both interior and exterior application specifically those in high traffic areas.

Granite Tile Sealer and Protection | Dry-Treat
Granite Tile Sealer and Protection | Dry-Treat. A large granite tiled reception area in an office in Singapore required sealing. The lobby and lift thoroughfare were being repeatedly stained. This was an expensive problem for the client as the building's maintenance staff were constantly having to remove deep stains. This is why STAIN-PROOF Original™ the premium impregnating sealer was selected for the project.

Green Roof Refurbishment | KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions
Green Roof Refurbishment | KHD Landscape Engineering Solutions. Intensive Green Roof at Rushcutters Bay. Leaky roofs can lead to more serious problems very quickly and where the problem is well established, sometimes a more innovative solution is needed. Resolving an ongoing water leak through the roof of a building at Rushcutters Bay into office space below was a matter of urgency and it had to be taken care of while also addressing the existing concrete.

Hand Crafted Windows | Wilkins Windows
Hand Crafted Windows | Wilkins Windows. Robert Wilkins is the principal of Wilkins Windows, which is well established Window and Door Manufacturing Company that has been in operation for the past fifteen years in Sydney. With 40 years experience in the business as a licensed builder/carpenter, Robert has a deep understanding of the industry and understands the importance of quality components.

Heel-Proof Stainless Steel Grates | EJ
Heel-Proof Stainless Steel Grates | EJ. Steel Your Work Against Failure With Trench & Tile Insert Grates by EJ. There's a massive difference between those stainless steel trench grates that you see on pedestrian walkways, malls, streets, just about everywhere; the ones that are bowing in the middle from rounds of normal, everyday traffic, and the stainless steel trench grates you get from EJ.

High Speed Safety Doors | DMF International
High Speed Safety Doors | DMF International. The use of high speed roll doors is becoming more and more popular in Australia. These fast action doors can operate with speeds of up to 4.0m/sec depending on the model, and with closing speeds usually set at half the opening speed, it is imperative that good safety devices are employed, not only to protect the users, but the door itself.

Hinged Folding Support Rail | CareVision Shop
Hinged Folding Support Rail | CareVision Shop. Support Rail. A versatile, spring loaded support rail for sturdy assistance in and out of the bath, shower or toilet. Folds against the wall when not in use. Non-slip surface ensures stability and safety. - Ageing - Arthritis - Back Pain - Balance/Core Stability - Impaired Coordination. Features - Spring loaded - Folds against wall when not in use - Non-slip surface.

Home Window Tinting | Window Energy Solutions
Home Window Tinting | Window Energy Solutions. Window Energy Solutions provides residential window tinting that provides security, privacy & safety, improved energy efficiencies as well as improving the overall look and add appeal value to your home. Home window tinting can provide you with privacy during the day, whilst not impeding your view or the aesthetic look of your home. After all why would you want to keep your blinds and curtains closed all day!

Hydraulic Lift System | Eastern Elevators
Hydraulic Lift System | Eastern Elevators. The hydraulic lift systems that Eastern Elevators produce are designed for all low-rise buildings: residential, hotels, office buildings and hospitals. Our hydraulic lifts are available in sizes from 4-passenger to 24-passenger. Eastern hydraulic lifts provide quiet riding, smooth accelerating and decelerating and exact levelling.

In-Floor Pool Cleaning System | Waterco
In-Floor Pool Cleaning System | Waterco. Pool owner friendly in-floor cleaning system saves you time, lowers energy and maintenance costs. Waterco's Blue Square in-floor system cleans the entire pool, even while you swim. Waterco's Blue Square Q360 in-floor pool cleaning system's revolutionary valve design has less moving parts, propelling water more effectively through the system.

Insulated Concrete Forms Supply and Install | Insulbrick ICF
Insulated Concrete Forms Supply and Install | Insulbrick ICF. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE ICF INNOVATION. Triple storey duplex under construction in Parkdale, Victoria. The owners of Dwelling 1 of this duplex project in Parkdale have decided to use Insulbrick ICF Polywall 250 for the party wall in this installation and Insulbrick ICF 200 block for the rest of the project. Building with Insulbrick ICF result in dramatic labour reduction costs.

LED Waylights | Famco
LED Waylights | Famco. LED Waylights IP65 from Famco. Attractive led waylights featuring robust die cast aluminium body powder coat enamelled with vandal resistant polycarbonate diffuser. Available in eight designs Supplied with silicone gaskets providing IP65 protection. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use and in adverse conditions. Wall or ceiling mounted.

LED Illuminated Signs Benefits | Architectural Signs Sydney
LED Illuminated Signs Benefits | Architectural Signs Sydney. Exterior signage is used to draw attention to your business, so that your signs perform just as well at night as they do during the day. Your sign can be illuminated from within or through the use of external lighting. This provides increased visibility as light makes things easier to see, and it draws attention.

LED Street Lighting Upgrade Case Study | WE-EF
LED Street Lighting Upgrade Case Study | WE-EF. Case Study: Sydney Road, Coburg VIC - Part 1. Making the light for the location. When it came to choosing a more efficient and effective way of lighting a busy street, one council in Melbourne was able to draw on the skills of WE-EF LIGHTING to provide an exact solution. In early 2013, the Moreland City Council made a decision to upgrade the lighting of the shopping section of one of the main arterial roads in Coburg.

LED Street Light Case Study | WE-EF
LED Street Light Case Study | WE-EF. Case Study: Sydney Road, Coburg VIC - Part 2. Rising to the challenge. Public lighting installations in Australia traditionally involve many stakeholders. In the case of the Sydney Road (Coburg) project, in addition to luminaire and lighting standard compliance, the installation had to satisfy specific requirements of multiple parties including energy distributor Jemena and the VicRoads and VicTrack transport authorities.

Linear Timber Interior Panels | Screenwood
Linear Timber Interior Panels | Screenwood. Hughes Bruce Australia recently specified an assortment of Screenwood linear timber panels for various spaces at their project for DHL offices in Matraville. Spaces were defined in meeting rooms with ceiling panels manufactured with certified Western Red Cedar. Equipped with acoustically rated SC15 acoustic textile, the Screenwood ceilings provide echo reduction which allow meeting participants to communicate comfortably.

Louvre Windows BAL-40 Compliant with Invisi-Gard | Alspec
Louvre Windows BAL-40 Compliant with Invisi-Gard | Alspec. The Invisi-Gard system is known to be a robust fire attenuation screening solution and has been proven even further with an Australian first application of a Breezway Altair Louvre window system achieving a BAL40 level compliance. The specific application of Invisi-Gard to the opening pane of the Breezway glass louvre system will transform the application of good light and ventilation in a bushfire prone area.

Making Dental Visits Enjoyable | 3D Wall Panels
Making Dental Visits Enjoyable | 3D Wall Panels. Making dental visits more enjoyable is a feat that Create Dental, a design and construct firm specialising in dental practice development, regularly takes on. They achieve this with great success with calming interiors featuring the Dunes design by 3D wall panels. The dental surgeries inspire confidence, making the visitor feel at home with their beautiful, modern spaces.

Modular Edge Protection System | Kerrect Group
Modular Edge Protection System | Kerrect Group. The Combisafe Edge Protection System is a multi-use system designed to offer a safe perimeter for working at heights. It also offers a wide range of interchangeable base attachments for every installation. This type of system is ideal for any kind of temporary works or maintenance situations where there is an unprotected leading edge.

Natural Stone for Commercial Interiors | Sareen Stone
Natural Stone for Commercial Interiors | Sareen Stone. Queensland's Noosa has a new 'go to' location for lovers of excellent food and great style. An oasis of sophistication, Miss Moneypenny's offers guests fabulous food and an impressive list of cocktails, wine and boutique beers while embracing the romance and design of a traditional Queenslander.

News and Updates | The Australian Window Association
News and Updates | The Australian Window Association. May 2015. Words from the Executive Director. Remember to register for your copy of the 2015 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC) now freely available online and which takes legal effect from TODAY. Whilst pre-registration to the free on-line NCC up to now has been very encouraging the aim is to get as many practitioners to register as possible to help build awareness and understanding of the NCC.

Overhead Traction Lifts Video | Eastern Elevators
Overhead Traction Lifts Video | Eastern Elevators. Eastern Elevators overhead traction lifts can help solve your high-rise passenger lift requirements. Eastern overhead traction lifts are suitable for a range of high-rise applications including commercial and residential developments, luxury hotels and hospitals. They are especially suited to complexes with multiple lifts and brisk traffic.

Permeable Soil Containment Grid | Sherwood Enterprises
Permeable Soil Containment Grid | Sherwood Enterprises. Sherwood Enterprises markets DIY Interlocking Permeable Grid Cells to stop the build up of mud and ground compaction ensure stabilisation containment so it won't migrate and naturally drain back to the water grid. Grid Cell Size: 500mm x 500mm x 35mm depth and interlocking. Manufactured in 100% eco-friendly recycled plastic that's resistant to chemicals & UV treated for lasting performance.

Polycarbonate Roofing Panels | Allplastics
Polycarbonate Roofing Panels | Allplastics. Opal Polycarbonate panels were chosen to replace acrylic roofing panels in Brisbane for the INVESTA Property Group building. The original acrylic panels were cracked due to a hailstorm which has a regular occurrence on the east coast of Australia lately. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, UV resistant and much easier to handle than glass.

Polymer and Acrylic Splashbacks | ISPS Innovations
Polymer and Acrylic Splashbacks | ISPS Innovations. DIY Splashbacks by ISPS Innovations available in Bonethane high heat polymer or Luxury IPA Acrylic Splashback panels for Bathrooms domestic & commercial projects in any colour & DigitalArt printed. ISPS have been leading in the DIY splashback and wall panels market through major supply chains for many years. ISPS are pleased to be able to now supply our innovative range nationally direct to you.

Post Top LED Luminaire | WE-EF
Post Top LED Luminaire | WE-EF. A different post top luminaire from WE-EF - RMC320 LED. The RMC320 is a post top luminaire that shares the same features as the WE-EF range of LED street and area lighting luminaires. It is ideal for illuminating urban spaces - from public parks and pedestrian zones to bike paths and residential roads. The RMC320 lens system provides a versatile choice of beam distributions depending on the lighting task.

Precast Insulated Concrete Panel Construction | THERMOMASS
Precast Insulated Concrete Panel Construction | THERMOMASS. THERMOMASS - 15m Panels in new Alvaro Project, Richmond. With construction nearing completion on 66-68 Cubitt St, Richmond, the prominent superstructure of the 4-story mixed residential/office space is starting to take shape. In its raw, unfinished form, the structure's most striking features are the continuous 15m tall exterior panels that span from the ground to the full-height.

Preference Floors Aquires Ecologic Group
Preference Floors Aquires Ecologic Group. We wish to advise that the Ecologic Group has been acquired in a private sale. The sale will see the ongoing Australasian distribution of Ecologic's natural flooring brands including; Wicanders Cork Flooring, Hydrocork, Amorim Cork Underlay & Artisan Oak Flooring, transferred into a new business entity trading as Preference Floors.

Queensland Brick and Cultured Stone Range | Boral Bricks
Queensland Brick and Cultured Stone Range | Boral Bricks. Boral Bricks modernises Queensland range. Boral Bricks has refreshed its Queensland range of bricks and Cultured Stone with the addition of 14 new products. As housing design trends evolve, so too should product offerings. Boral Bricks is committed to providing Queensland architects, developers and specifiers with a modern range.

Remedial Waterproofing Case Study | Bayset
Remedial Waterproofing Case Study | Bayset. Terraced House, Highgate Hill, Brisbane. Treating extensive flood damage. This terraced house suffered from substantial leaking during very heavy rain. Newton System 500 was specified because remediation of the externally applied membrane would require substantial excavation, which was simply not possible.

Remote Operated Power Sockets | CareVision Shop
Remote Operated Power Sockets | CareVision Shop. This set of four Remote Control Power Sockets makes it easy to switch on and off hard to reach appliances, without the need to bend or crouch. Extremely useful in helping to prevent the risk of falls around the home, this product also reduces electricity consumption and can help to reduce power bills by up to 10%.

Residential Plastering and Moulding Services | Chad Plaster
Residential Plastering and Moulding Services | Chad Plaster. Chad Plaster & Facades supplied and installed all the internal plaster work, metal battens, suspended ceilings, and insulation. The metal form work was custom installed for various bulk heads including the home theatre room. The properties home theatre was soundproofed with special rated sound proofing insulation, and also lined with Soundchek, a sound proofing plasterboard.

Restore Industrial Flooring | Rhino Linings
Restore Industrial Flooring | Rhino Linings. As the years go by concrete floors age and they become discoloured, stained, cracked, chipped, and weakened. These were the issues that Qantas Defence Services needed addressed when requesting an upgrade for the 60 year old concrete floor in the RAAF Base Richmond hanger. The hanger, an asset of the RAAF, was refurbished utilising Rhino ArmaFloor® products and systems.

Roof Deck Waterproofing Systems | Poly-Tech
Roof Deck Waterproofing Systems | Poly-Tech. To ensure long term structural integrity and avoid damaging water ingress, concrete roof decks should be waterproofed with a robust membrane system. Poly-Tech's advanced liquid systems are now widely available in Australia considerably speeding up traditional waterproofing application times. We are now able to protect your concrete roof decks using a new European liquid applied polyurethane methacrylate material.

Safety Barrier Solutions | Kerrect Group
Safety Barrier Solutions | Kerrect Group. Kee components offer the most flexible solution for the construction of safety barrier systems. This is done by securely joining standard sizes of structural tube into almost any configuration imaginable. There is no welding so there is no requirements for hot works permits and the wide range of fittings available mean there is no need for bending or threading, special tools or skills to install.

SALTO Wireless Access Security System | Gainsborough
SALTO Wireless Access Security System | Gainsborough. Bayside City Council Unveils Security Overhaul With API Locksmiths' SALTO system Bayside City Council has unveiled its security overhaul with a newly installed and revolutionary wireless access control system, called SALTO. The facilities now feature a stand-alone system that offers a flexible, secure and convenient alternative to out-dated key control systems.

Seamless Resinous Flooring | LATICRETE
Seamless Resinous Flooring | LATICRETE. Seamless, Attractive, Durable Flooring Solutions from HP SPARTACOTE®. LATICRETE a global manufacturer of proven construction solutions for the building industry provides LATICRETE customers around the world access to new products and technologies while expanding the company's presence in the restoration, decorative flooring and coatings category.

Secure High Speed Carpark Doors | Premier Door Systems
Secure High Speed Carpark Doors | Premier Door Systems. Premier Door Systems recently supplied and installed Secure High Speed Doors to the carpark of the NEW iconic Swanston Square building in Melbourne VIC. Chosen because they open in mere seconds and close immediately after the car has passed through, the doors prevent unauthorized access by pedestrians and vehicles into the building.

Shop with Miami Stainless and Win
Shop with Miami Stainless and Win. We're giving away 2 Surface Pro 3 packs worth over $1500 each! From May 1st - May 30th each order over $200 is an entry into our draw for 1 of 2 Surface Pro 3 packs that include: - 128GB Surface Pro 3 - Surface Keyboard in Black - Surface Pro 3 Docking Station.

Slimline Ceiling Panel Heaters | Heat-On Systems
Slimline Ceiling Panel Heaters | Heat-On Systems. Just completed an extension or renovation and looking for a neat modern and energy efficient heating solution? Heat-On's 20mm slimline heaters are the slimmest heaters available on the market. With a range of sizes they will suit any sized room. Shown in the image below, this island kitchen and living room extension (28m2 of total floor space) only required 2 little HO-FIR-600W panels.

Slip Resistant Grocery Flooring | Rhino Linings
Slip Resistant Grocery Flooring | Rhino Linings. Ambarella Fine Foods, is located in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. They pride themself as that quintessential grocery store, offering its customers a vast collection of mouth watering fruits and vegetables, fresh meats in the butcher section, deli lines, pre-prepared gourmet meals and freshly sourced seafood. The project involved Rhino Concrete Solutions Resurfacer being put down over the main floor area.

Smart Security Barriers and Doors | Australian Trellis Door Co
Smart Security Barriers and Doors | Australian Trellis Door Co. During and post GFC the retail sector has been particularly badly affected by the severe economic downturn with retailers being squeezed on capex budgets for store fitouts. The Australian Trellis Door Co's (ATDC) unique range of 'smart' security doors and security shutters have found significantly greater application by a multitude of retailers for a number of reasons.

Soil Stabilizing System | Sherwood Enterprises
Soil Stabilizing System | Sherwood Enterprises. INTERLOCKING SOIL GRAVEL STABILIZING GRID SYSTEM YEARLY PERMEABLE MUD FREE DRAINAGE. TIME TO SAY GOOD BYE TO MUD. Achieve year round access to Paddock Gate Entrance, Stable Entrances Exits, Horse Shelters, Feed Bin & Water Trough surrounds, Holding Day Yards, Wash Bays, Abattoir Sale yard Pens, Tracks Alleyways Paths & Driveways - Car Parking, Equestrian Arenas, Stable Breezeways, Shed Floors and Slope Embankments.

Specify Caroma Revit® Add In | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens
Specify Caroma Revit® Add In | GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens. Caroma introduces their latest digital innovation, the Specify Caroma Revit® Add In. Caroma, leading Australian distributor of bathrooms and kitchens fittings and fixtures, proudly has one of the largest catalogues of Autodesk® Revit® files across Australia's building products industry.

Stone Cladding Entrance Feature | Boral Cultured Stone
Stone Cladding Entrance Feature | Boral Cultured Stone. Boral Cultured Stone creates an entrance with impact for award-winning home. The architect behind the home that won HIA Regional House Awards Renovation Project of the Year 2014 (ACT/Southern NSW) used Boral Cultured Stone to create a refined, textured entrance way as an exterior feature.

Structural Concrete Waterproofing | Cementaid
Structural Concrete Waterproofing | Cementaid. New Performing Arts Venue - The State Theatre Centre of WA (STCWA) Perth, Western Australia. Reinforced Concrete - Waterproofing & Durability; Everdure Caltite & 3CC - Hydrophobic Pore-blocking Ingredients (HPI) Design-Life, Maintenance-Free, Impervious & Corrosion-Proofed Structural Concrete.

Structural Steel Retaining Posts | Edcon Steel
Structural Steel Retaining Posts | Edcon Steel. Edcon Steel produce heavy duty australian made structural steel retaining posts. This is done by using 100UC14 and 100PFC steel sections and Hot Dip Galvanised to AS/NZS4860. These items are all stocked in pre-cut lengths of: 900 - 1200 - 1500 - 1800 - 2100 - 2400(mm).

Surface Mount LED Downlights | Brightgreen
Surface Mount LED Downlights | Brightgreen. Brightgreen introduces their most flexible design yet - meet the D900 SHX Curve LED downlight. Melbourne-based premium LED company Brightgreen has released the latest addition to its range of long-life, energy efficient lighting products - the surface-mounted D900 SHX Curve downlight, a sleek, minimalist design that provides unparalleled versatility.

Sustainability in Heating and Cooling | Devex Systems
Sustainability in Heating and Cooling | Devex Systems. At Devex Systems, we strive to provide superior comfort through high quality, sustainable heating and cooling solutions delivered with service excellence. Sustainable solutions are no longer a way of the future, they are the way of today. Providing the building industry with sustainable systems that will help home and building owners get one step closer to a carbon neutral application is our goal.

Non-Toxic Concrete Protection | Radcrete Pacific
Non-Toxic Concrete Protection | Radcrete Pacific. Sagami-Ono Station Carpark, Japan. The environment is a leading factor in the decision making process in Japan's construction industry. Radcon Formula # 7 has been a common choice in this process for over 15 years now. The developers of the Sagami-Ono shopping centre chose to use Radcon Formula # 7 as it does not have the impact on the environment that its competitors do.

Temporary Stairway | Kerrect Group
Temporary Stairway | Kerrect Group. The Combisafe Temporary Stairway provides a safe alternative to ladders. It is cost effective and practical means of access, which enables the operator to walk forwards and carry tools safely between levels. The modular system suits all heights and angles whilst maintaining horizontal treads with handrails at all times.

Textured Interior Surface Elements | Axolotl
Textured Interior Surface Elements | Axolotl. The District. Chatswood Interchange recently opened the doors of it's world class dining precinct - The District. Designed by the talented Philip Chia of The Uncarved Block, The District is not your average suburban foodcourt. Seating 1000 patrons, the 3000sqm space and 8m ceilings have been distorted and divided with architectural forms to create hideaways and laneways - inspired by a futuristic asian cityscape.

Timber Plywood Wall Panels | Supawood Architectural Linings
Timber Plywood Wall Panels | Supawood Architectural Linings. SUPAWOOD minimalistic timber plywood walls for Army Museum. SUPAWOOD's SUPALINE plywood timber wall panels have achieved a smart but simple industrial finish in the interior of the new Australian Army Museum of Military Engineering building at Holsworthy Barracks in south western Sydney NSW.

Timber Core Panel System | ASP Access Floors
Timber Core Panel System | ASP Access Floors. The Timber Core Panel HPL system is designed to be used in computer/data/switch room applications incorporating a 1.6mm thick anti-static HPL covering. The HPL protects individuals from voltage shorts that can occur with electrical equipment on an access floor and also creates an electrostatic discharge which helps prevent buildup of the static electricity which can cause damage to the equipment.

Top 10 Window Film Hacks | WFAANZ
Top 10 Window Film Hacks | WFAANZ. The internet and bloggersphere is abuzz with talk of product 'hacking' - repurposing a product to change its appearance or make it perform a different function to the one its manufacturer intended. Window film is one such product. Developed in the sixties by NASA, window film has long been used to reduce solar heat gain in buildings and vehicles.

TOP5FEET Paddington Reservoir Gardens | Axolotl Art Projects
TOP5FEET Paddington Reservoir Gardens | Axolotl Art Projects. Submerge into Paddington Reservoir Gardens, where you'll find TOP5FEET, an immersive aquatic artwork situated on a 33 metre long ledge, by artist Dale Jones-Evans. You'll be engulfed by an ethereal pool of water through which a swimmer is completing continuous laps, created by light and sound projections.

Townsville Hospital Ensures Compliance with Raven
Townsville Hospital Ensures Compliance with Raven. Raven produce Australia's most comprehensive and innovative range of door and window seals and is one of the most trusted brands in the building hardware industry. Raven's leading range is backed by unequalled industry knowledge and certified testing which is why Raven was the supplier of choice for the Townsville Hospital project.

Underfloor Insulation by Expol | Austech
Underfloor Insulation by Expol | Austech. Expol Underfloor Insulation is the preferred choice when insulating your home. Stop heat entering in summer and escaping in winter, enjoy warmer feet and save around 12% on your heating bill. Expol Underfloor Insulation is safe and easy to install and can be applied to both new and existing homes. Ceiling insulation stops hot air leaving your roof, but does nothing to inhibit heat lost from the walls and floor.

Vertical Gardens for Aged Care Facilities | KHD
Vertical Gardens for Aged Care Facilities | KHD. The Gables' Garsy Vertical Garden. In 2015, we are expecting that the Garsy Vertical Garden will be installed in many Aged Care facilities across Australia. The examples here are from The Gables in Camberwell, VIC. At this facility, the paved courtyard was covered in faux turf and a Vertical Garden Tower (RM 200) was delivered in September cut into two.

Waterproofing an Extension with Newton 500 System | Bayset
Waterproofing an Extension with Newton 500 System | Bayset. Old Heritage Style Cottage, Cremorne, Sydney. Waterproofing a large new extension. The owner of this old Australian heritage style cottage wanted to modernise the living style and practicality of the house, while retaining the cottage street appeal. Newton System 500 was installed to all new areas.

Waterproofing Amphibious House Everdure CALTITE | Cementaid
Waterproofing Amphibious House Everdure CALTITE | Cementaid. The first ever, truly 'Amphibious' or floating house in the UK was built on the flood banks of the Thames River in Marlow and completed in 2014. Winning a Gold Award in the 2014 London Design Awards, the amphibious performance of the house is made possible by the use of Cementaid's Everdure CALTITE Hydrophobic Pore-blocking Ingredient (HPI).

Wireless TENS Machine | CareVision Shop
Wireless TENS Machine | CareVision Shop. Hollywog Wi Touch Pro Wireless TENS. Wireless remote controlled pain relief device incorporating TENS technology to specifically target back pain. The thin and flexible design perfectly contours the back for maximum surface contact. Portable and convenient for travel, the WiTouch Pro offers a treatment area twice the size of most TENS devices for more effective back pain relief.

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