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Arid Wall Hung Low Flush Urinals from Britex

Britex Arid Pod Urinal shown.

The Britex Arid Urinal Pod is a 100% Australian Product, designed and manufactured for Australian conditions.

Unlike most waterless urinals on the market today, the Arid does not use a messy cartridge which requires regular maintenance, or the chemicals to dispose of the odour. We have developed an outlet system which traps the odour preventing what we often smell in toilet blocks.

The body of the urinal is manufactured from tought, durable composite which has the appearence of ceramic, without the fragility, the other advantage is that it's light, easy to install, and comes in a variety of colours.

Our unique design allows for the urinal to be installed with either wall or floor outlets, and the option of an after-market flushing kit, or pre plumbed should it be requested.

Flushing Alternatives
The Arid Mist and Arid Auto-Mist urinal pods are also avaliable if flushing is a requirement.

  • Mist
  • The Britex Mist Urinal Pod is a low flushing urinal using only 0.5 litre* water per flush. With all the features and benefits of the Arid Urinal Pod.
  • Auto-Mist
  • The Britex Auto-Mist Urinal Pod is a fully electronic urinal with a 0.5 litre* low flush, and hands free 'no touch flush' operation.

* - 0.5 litre flush dependant upon flushing mechanism.

Colour options:

Britex Profile

1300 764 744

Britex Place, Mirra Court, Bundoora, VIC, 3083


Britex Profile

1300 764 744




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