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Britex Arid Mist Floor Mount Waterless Urinal - revolutionary design.

Britex Arid Mist Floor Mount Urinal shown.

A revolutionary design with no cartridges, no chemicals, no water!

The Britex Arid urinal is an Australian, and world first in waterless urinals.

The Arid is a full length 'slab style' urinal with the advantage of being waterless, with no messy cartridges to worry about changing over.
Quick and easy to fit, the Arid is made from a robust, impact resistant composite, with a choice of colours to suit your decor. The Arid is also available in manual flush (Mist) and fully automatic flush (Auto-Mist) models.

The Britex Arid range of urinals have been developed by Australia's leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel Sanitary Products.

After much research and development we have designed a urinal for today's living environment.

Our main criteria for this product was, that is had to be ecologically friends, easy to install, robust, and aesthetically pleasing.

We have achieved this criteria with added features and benefits such as automatic low flushing water-saver & waterless models, together with a wide range of colours.

Stock Colours Avaliable:
Stock Colours Avaliable

Britex Profile

1300 764 744

Britex Place, Mirra Court, Bundoora, VIC, 3083


Britex Profile

1300 764 744




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