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New Polytec Evolution collection courtesy of Australian design and manufacturing collaboration

Borg Decorative's head turning and generously proportioned (288 square metre) exhibition stand at AWISA 2012 was designed to be an inviting space for casual conversation and networking.

Cabinetmakers, shop-fitters, designers and fellow exhibitors gravitated there in droves where they were treated to chef prepared Italian hospitality in the crafted surrounds.

In essence, both the stand design and the new release products housed within - Polytec's Evolution collection of doors and panels - were created and launched to the market as a collaboration between a designer at the cutting edge of product, colour, interior and retail design, and a progressive manufacturer - committed to delivering innovative and inspiring new products to the market.

At a time when exhibition design in the Australian economy has arguably been stripped bare, Borg Decorative (which now incorporates both the Polytec and Parbury brands), elected instead to invest in good design to create a memorable opportunity for industry participants to experience what their brand was all about.

The brief to interior designer and design trend forecaster, Marylou Paino of CM Design was to deliver 'something international.'

"What we love about European trade fairs is the hospitality, and the idea of thanking industry participants for visiting and their custom," explained Marylou who attends prominent A+D events globally to monitor and cherry pick from the latest trends that she deems relevant to inform interior design and product development projects for the Australian context.

Likewise Borg Decorative wanted to acknowledge customers for their support over the Australian-owned company's 20-year history, which has grown significantly and now employs over 1000 people.

As a committed Australian manufacturer, there are three sites in NSW: Somersby - Borg's Board manufacturing facility; Charmhaven - Borg's Door manufacturing facility and Oberon � the company's MDF manufacturing facility. They also have world-class facilities in Malaysia.

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While many exhibition stands in Australia conventionally sit within large box shaped or room style walk-in settings - the Borg Decorative stand was spectacularly different. Acknowledging Borg's core business as a manufacturer of quality board, Marylou's design placed emphasis on the product - a feat achieved with dramatic effect.

The standout hero statement - a customised overhead rotating rigging system installed by Clifton Productions - drew reference to Borg's state of the art manufacturing facilities at Charmhaven and Somersby.

There was the idea of showcasing the large panels, which are the predominant business, moving through the stand display, as they would in a factory - starting out as raw material, being manufactured into boards, selected by designers and then crafted by cabinetmakers.

A series of quirky statements inscribed on the overhead panels projected Borg Decorative's ability to engage with their customers. The phrase, well hung, on one panel was a tongue in cheek play on the safely-secured overhead product, while another marked, ribbed for your pleasure, on a white textured panel also commanded plenty of double takes.

All surfaces of the stand were covered in Borg Decorative product. Closer inspection revealed that three of the four overhead rotating sections cleverly represented the launch of the new Polytec Evolution collection of panels comprising: ultra high gloss surface Createc; super matte Legato; and woodgrain textured Ravine.

New release Parbury panels were displayed on the fourth overhead structure. Directly underneath at ground level, booths designed for sitting and relaxing - presented the product in application on benchtops and drawer fronts, and coordinated with other products in the range.

"Polytec's Evolution range of doors and panels showcases the latest in laminate surface finishes and signals an evolution in the world of laminate," according to Marylou.

"In developing the Evolution collection, Borg Decorative has picked up on kitchen design trends - with the offer of something special and different on larger 3.1m board sizes that are ideally suited to tall storage."

"The kitchen design process involves selection of a bench top from one board, general cabinetry from another, and complementing that with something sexy as the backdrop or the tall storage unit."

The collection groups together on one convenient palette, newly developed surfaces alongside some existing surfaces. Ranged from an interior design and trend forecasting perspective - the targeted palette has the design intent of honing the selection process for the end user while adding another dimension.

Circular tabletops in the centre of the display were made from coloured MDF from the Parbury range. Purposely designed without a base, instead suspended and fixed to the floor with stainless steel wire, they took on the appearance of discs of colour floating in space - a strategy again designed to retain the focus on Borg Decorative manufactured product.

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Expansive merchandise display boards, were constructed from Ravine Black Wenge by Upfront Displays, while Ravine Char Oak was applied to the floor for staging the event.

"Black Wenge and Char Oak are two key colours moving forward. The ambience, texture and tone creates a more superior backdrop for showcasing product," tipped Marylou.

Feature lighting formed a strong partnership with the grey and black hues to set Borg Decorative's presence apart from the mostly all white stands at the bi-annual event. It also demonstrated the company's on-trend focus where Marylou is working exclusively with Borg Decorative in the surfaces category, on new colour and product development.

The stand was adeptly conceived in such a way, that even when it was brimming with people - the movement of materials and product was still clearly visible from the outside looking in.

According to Marylou, the busiest stands overseas are those that invite people in to have something to eat, sit and chat and to simply be part of the brand experience. This was certainly emulated at Borg Decorative's AWISA stand which was fittingly dubbed Club Borg.

"We wanted to create an environment where people could feel refreshed, hang out, not feel pressured and ultimately enjoy the product," Marylou said.

Project credits

Interior/stand design Marylou Paino c+m design.
Display construction Upfront Displays www.upfrontdisplays.com.au
Rigging and lighting Clifton Productions www.cliftonproductions.com.au
Evolution collection product development Marylou Paino c+m design

About the designer

Marylou Paino is an interior designer and design trend forecaster in colour and products, who has consulted to Australian manufacturers, suppliers and retailers for over 26 years. As principal of colour + material design (cmdesign), Marylou specialises in colour and product design, and communication tools for interior and building product manufacturers.

She has worked with many of the key players over the years with services ranging from analysing and interpreting market trends and consumer preferences; creating relationships between people and product, and between products and other building products. She also designs retail and residential interiors and co-authored Trendjournal, Journey through Eurocucina 2008.

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An expanded range of the ever-popular glossy coated melamine product.
A unique UV cured, ultra high gloss surface, mirror finish for kitchens.
Made from 18mm moisture resistant E-Zero MR MDF board.
Easy clean, durable 1mm edge.
30 colours, timber prints, solid colours.


A new super matt, non-reflective finish.
Subtle, understated lighter timber tones - for a fresh, refined presence.
Made from 18mm moisture resistant E-Zero MR MDF board.
Easy clean, durable 1mm seamless edge.
12 colours, timber prints, solid colours.


Embossed with a raw linear woodgrain texture in warm, inviting shades.
Made from 18mm moisture resistant E-Zero MR MDF board.
Easy clean, durable 1mm seamless edge.
The style and realism of true timber veneer.

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Polytec Profile

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