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Marine Fire Protection by FIREFLY

Marine Fire Protection by FIREFLY
FIREFLY Marine Fire Protection.

With over 130 years of manufacturing fire-resistant products, FIREFLY also offers marine fire protection. This company's products may be more known in residential or commercial construction projects but they also have specific products aimed at marine applications.

The Nautilus Smokebar offered by FIREFLY is a non-combustible smoke curtain that can be used for offshore platforms and ships. This lightweight woven glass can provide flexible smoke barriers with a Class "C" Standard.

Marine Fire Protection by TBA Firefly
Marine Fire Protection by FIREFLY.

Meanwhile, the Nautilus MFA60SB offers fire, thermal, and acoustic protection for all sizes of marine vessels, even large ships. This can be used for decks, bulkheads, and steel hulls. The strong and lightweight Nautilus MFA60SB is a flexible membrane that offers A30 and A60 protection.

This non-combustible woven composite blanket is manufactured from abrasion-resistant, extremely strong, and non-respirable e-glass. It is 15mm thick and weighs 5.4 kg/m2.

For more information about the marine fire protection products from FIREFLY, visit tbafirefly.com.au.


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