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ALLOY stainless steel brushed & mirrored mosaic tiles

Mirror Tiles
What more can we say? The reflection is as perfect as a glass mirror. Mirror polished stainless steel or number "eight finish" (#8) polished tiles, can help 'open-up' the smallest room in the most contemporary way while becoming an arresting design feature.

Brushed Tiles
The brushed finish is sometimes referred to as "satin finish" or "number four finish" (#4) stainless steel.

The 20x20mm brushed mosaic tiles were the first of the ALLOY mosaic tile range.

Each tile has a 'grain'; fine parallel lines which form the brushed finish. ALLOY was the first to randomly orientate each tile to form a unique pattern. With the grain on each tile sitting in a different direction, the varied refraction of light from each tile creates a dramatic 'sparkling effect'. The result is mesmerising.

ALLOY Profile

02 9565 2422

Fovo Studios, 7/151 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

ALLOY Profile

02 9565 2422



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