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Spanset Web Dog from Hoisting Equipment Specialists

spanset web dog

Spanset Web Dog - The safe alternative to loadbinders
(with tension force indicator)

Web Dogs overcome the dangerous kick-back associated with load binders. Add the safety of ABS step-by-step release and the ability to apply pre-tension and the Web Dog is a clear winner.

50mm yellow webbing assembly fitted with 8mm swivel grab hook each end. BlueScope and OneSteel approved.


- Pre-tension: 1600kg, length: 1m

- Controlled release - allows pre-tension force to be released in small steps.

- Self locking ratchet handle - prevents ratchet handle jumping out

- Double latch - allows for more tension in less time

- Durable in all conditions

- Tension force indicator - allows operator to check the amount of force being applied to the load

- Extended handle for greater leverage

- Ample tension - Less than 10% stretch under full tension, meaning no unnecessary re-tensioning during operation

- Reverse action ratchet maximises ergonomic efficiency

For more information on this product or to make a purchase please visit the website or contact us.

Hoisting Equipment Specialists Profile

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Hoisting Equipment Specialists Profile

1300 792 464



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