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Thermomass Building Insulation System for Concrete Sandwich Walls

THERMOMASS Building Insulation System
The industry leading insulation system for concrete sandwich walls.

No other concrete system can come close to the ability of the THERMOMASS Building Insulation System to dampen the effect of temperature change on heating and cooling of a concrete wall, with zero thermal bridging and no energy loss.

The THERMOMASS Building Insulation System is sustainable, energy-efficient, incredibly durable and environmentally responsible and can assist you in meeting the increase in the R-Value of insulation provided in BCA Section J 2010.

Buildings which suffer heat transfer, result in heating and air conditioning systems needing to work harder to maintain a required temperature. THERMOMASS Building Insulation System eliminates heat transfer all year round. By incorporating energy-efficient sustainable building design technologies in your building, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption and cut your bills by up to 80%. The composite CONCRETE/STYROFOAM/CONCRETE wall has the insulating qualities of concrete more than one metre thick. The inner concrete wall is shielded and insulated from the outside world by the Styrofoam core in the concrete wall making the building environmentally friendly and highly energy efficient. The energy efficiency of the THERMOMASS insulated finished building combined with ease and speed of construction, has made our building system the industry leading insulation system for concrete sandwich walls.

Incorporating THERMOMASS into precast and/or tilt-up concrete walls does not require any specialised skills or equipment. Any precaster or tilt-up contactor is capable of manufacturing a THERMOMASS sandwich panel. Likewise for design, engineering and construction, using THERMOMASS follows the principles of known methods of precast or tilt-up.

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