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Bent & Curved Glass manufactures curved toughened, curved laminated & curved annealed glass for architectural applications.
Bent and Curved Glass Pty Ltd manufactures curved toughened, curved laminated and curved annealed glass for a broad range of architectural applications.

Cementaid introduces GraffeX - an anti-graffiti surface for masonry and concrete surfaces.
Cementaid GraffeX is a new approach to eliminating the effects of graffiti, but based on time-proven chemical technology. The key to its success is the use of super slippery molecules that 'attach', bind chemically, to the underlying calcium silicate in all masonry and concrete substrates, to several millimetres in depth. Almost nothing sticks to Cementaid GraffeX super slippery molecules, including the common graffiti spray paints!

Colorworks Mobile Painting for coatings direct on-site anywhere in Australia.
Colorworks Mobile Painting P/L offers an extensive range of coating products and services. Whether it is new or old, clean or corroded, we are sure to have a quality solution to suit your needs. Our skilled technicians can safely apply coatings direct on-site anywhere in Australia or in our factory using state of the art production equipment and application methods.

Designer Ceramics have new styles of embossed ceramic tiles.
Designer Ceramics have a whole new range of styled tiles in stock. Designer Ceramic's product range is vast both in the traditional 152mm format and the more contemporary 200mm format. We specialise in embossed ceramic tiles to suit all periods of renovation.

Excellence in flooring & waterproofing from Danlaid Contracting.
Excellence in flooring & waterproofing from Danlaid Contracting. Check out some of the projects Danlaid Contrating have been involved in for waterproofing and flooring.

For different looking garage doors and gates, think Deville.
Tilter Doors and Custom Made Doors and Gates. Tilter Doors are a single leaf door that has a wide application in the home or to secure individual car spaces in underground car parks. Custom made doors and gates are a Deville specialty. Should you be looking for something different or have an area that is difficult to fit a door our expert consultants are be able to assist you.

Grace waterproofing systems pass the test.
The Grace / Chemind Waterproof Systems Waterproof Envelope was chosen based on its extensive combined track record of 60 years experience and success, as well as the versatility of the systems available. A combination of the revolutionary Preprufe Blind Side waterproofing membrane and time proven self-adhesive Bituthene provides a continuous and permanent waterproof barrier.

Grate stuff this Storm Water System from ACO Drainage Systems.
Grate Stuff, this stormwater system' (Manly Daily) - Steel gutter grating at North Steyne Surf Club. ACO has provided Manly Council with a drainage solution to overcome flooding hazards in the Pine Street Catchment area, near the North Steyne Surf Club.

GV Kinsman introduces the T107M from Tyco Electronics: versatile high-performance identification & labelling made fast and easy.
The new T107M from Tyco Electronics is perfect for the professional user who needs an affordable label printer for on-site applications that's tough and easy to use. Contractors, panel builders and facility managers will save time and money by using the special Hot Keys that provide labels at thetouch of a button including wire and cable wraps, module marking, fixed length, serialization, vertical printing, barcodes, symbols and much more.

Heating marble, stone, slate, polished concrete slabs & toppings makes Devi Floors enjoyable all year round.
Devi floor heating systems are easily installed during building or renovations. Heating marble, stone, slate, polished concrete slabs and toppings makes floors enjoyable all year round.

Hotbeam announces the release of the HBA6-360 LED Ribbon - a lasting strip of light.
Hotbeam is pleased to announce the release of the HBA6-360 LED Ribbon - a very long lasting, bright, slim and flexible strip of light. Please find following a short summary of the product.

Jewel in the crown of glass panels from Axolotl Metal.
The Lustre range developed by Ozone has certainly created a stir and it's easy to see why. The counter and cupboards pictured here were specified for Macquarie Bank in Melbourne and manufactured in Lustre 'Onyx' to create a contemporary and unique look.

New range of Roman Blinds from Verosol.
Employing special fabrics cutting technology, Verosol have eliminated unsightly hems. They also offer a choice of 'concealed horizontal' or 'decorative timber' batons to suit.

Pick up the new Havestock catalogue - suppliers of quality cast iron covers and grates.
Havestock covers and grates are celebrating their 20th year of business with a new logo and a new colour catalogue. Our parts and specifications catalogue has hit the streets, malls, industrial aprons, highways and roadways, city, county, beach and bush. It's an information packed directory of our product line-up for the transport, construction and heavy industries, commercial enterprise and metropolitan and regional authorities.

Retaining sleeper walls that look great & will never rot from Concrib
A Sleeper Wall that looks great and will NEVER ROT. Concrib Sleeper Walls are a unique product that combines the strength and durability of concrete with the beauty of a wood grain finish.

The Interior Design Awards
Be rewarded at Australia's most prestigious design event - the Interior Design Awards. The 2006 Interior Design Awards encourages design professionals to step out of the shadows and be acknowledged by their peers.

Unsafe floors, but need to stay open for business? The Altro QuickLay System minimises downtime and saves you dollars.
Designed to overcome the problems often encountered when laying sheet flooring, the system uses a fully synthetic underlay that can be laid over a variety of surfaces such as old vinyl tiles, sheet metal, access floors, subfloors contaminated with oil or paint, or even damp floors.

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