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Dulux's Aquanamel water-based enamel paint with a stylish glossy finish
New from Dulux, the water-based Aquanamel eliminates the mess and inconvenience of traditional, solvent-based enamel paint while still giving a glossy finish.

Pyrotek's Soundguard new acoustic underlay
A new version of a proven acoustic underlay has been released by Soundguard, a division of Pyrotek, that has been colour-coded to symbolise its superior noise-stopping abilities.

Sandblasting effects from Axolotl
A subtle and elegant effect through sandblasting is the latest offering available from Axolotl Metals with the surface of the metal gently removed by sandblasting to reveal a refined, textured finish.

Seaboard™ polyehtylene from AllPlastics for indoor & outdoor use
Seaboard(TM) is a high density polyethylene sheet formulated to meet the specific requirements of marine and other outdoor environments.

Waterproofing concrete without membranes by Radcrete Pacific
The most reliable and cost efficient way to waterproof concrete without using membranes. The traditional system of concrete waterproofing using liquid or sheet membranes is yesterday's technology.

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