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ACO shows why highway & motorway drainage systems need repetitive, high speed conditions.
Highways & Motorways provide the most challenging environments for drainage systems, electrical pits and manhole covers. A variety of vehicle types, from cars to semi trailers, traveling up to high speeds, breaking and turning in various weather conditions, 24 hours a day, can impose severe stress on road surfaces. Only proven, reliable, quality products are used in these applications.

ACO Drainage Systems helps make Kelvin Grove station a hit!
Kelvin Grove Station, which appears as a stark visual contrast to the luscious fairways of nearby Victoria Park Golf Club, would have come under fire from its new neighbors if it hadn't been for the planning efforts of the designers and ACO Drainage Systems. Part of the Inner Northern busway, the architect has opted for a steel protection screen to prevent buses and commuters from being struck by golf balls.

ACO Drain goes boltless at Designbuild.
Launched at Sydney's Designbuild in June is the industry's most advanced range of grated trench drain systems. Over a 5 day period, Australian manufacturer, ACO Polycrete, the world acclaimed innovator of ACO Drain, attracted more than a thousand visits to its stand with requests for further information. Interested guests came from a variety of professions including landscape developers, designers and engineers.

Axolotl Ozone's 'VeilZone' formed glass sets wall a shimmer.
Axolol Ozone created two feature walls for the Swire Group for Three Pacific Place in Hong Kong. Constructed from over 1000 square metres of glass, the scale of this feature wall is only apparent when you view the person riding the escalator alongside it.

Axolotl Metal Finishes manufacture ‘cracked earth’.
Aaron Thredgold says that 'Cracked Earth' is a piece inspired by the compelling patterns that can be observed all too often in the dry mudflats and river systems of our natural environment. Axolotl Metal Finishes helped him bring it to life.

Bent and Curved Glass manufacture toughened curved glass at motor show.
Bent and Curved Glass manufactured the toughened curved glass which provided the finishing touch to the dynamic stand for the Lexus concept car at the recent Sydney Motor Show.

Cadoform deals with the growing cancer problem in concrete.
Architects, engineers, property managers as well as owners are facing a growing problem caused by concrete cancer. Cadoform can help.

Cementaid - at the forefront of advanced admixtures & surface treatment for concrete
Concrete is the most commonly used construction material in the world today. Its low cost and versatility fuel its increasing use throughout the construction industry. At the same time, many structures have also demonstrated the deficiencies of concrete, including shrinkage, low tensile strength, cracking, 'dusting' of abrasive cement particles, absorption of deleterious materials and poor durability amongst others.

Cerra Metalworks control gap ties ‘state of the art solutions’ for masonry connectors.
Cerra Metalworks Pty Ltd specialises in repetition production of metal products recognised by the building industry. Since 1981 Cerra Metalworks Pty Ltd has maintained a balanced and continuous growth. We have been involved in the development, testing and manufacture of metal building products for several years and hold a number of patents and registered designs.

Control the sun with the convenience of Somfy Automation and the style of Helioscreen Sunshades.
Helioscreen Varioscreens, fully automated by Somfy, have been installed throughout the Star of the Sea apartment complex on the New South Wales Central Coast. The structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing sunshades can be programmed to extend or retract in response to specific weather conditions.Control the sun with the convenience of Somfy automation and the style of Helioscreen sunshades.

Dulux Colour Awards 20th Anniversary teacups & saucers will be exhibited at Designex in Sydney in April 2006.
Traditionally a twentieth anniversary is commemorated by porcelain. Dulux has given this idea a modern interpretation by inviting past winners of its Colour Awards program to take part in a teacup and saucer retrospective to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Dulux Colour Awards. Architects and interior designers including Denton Corker Marshall, Bligh Voller Nield, Scott Weston and Burley Katon Halliday will be submitting a design incorporating their Dulux Colour Awards winning palette.

Envirofan home ventilation system removes stale & humid air from subfloor areas.
The purpose of ther Envirofan home ventilation system is to maintain a healthy living environment by supplying fresh air to your home while at the same time removing stale and humid air from habitable and subfloor areas.

Era Polymers range of polyurethane Fomo Products in pressurised disposable packaging.
Era Polymers Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for Fomo Products Inc. of Ohio, USA. Fomo Products is part of the FLM group of companies, the largest global manufacturer of one and two component polyurethane foam systems in pressurised disposable packaging. Era Polymers distributes and services Handi-Foam one and two component systems, Handi-Stick Adhesives and Handi-Seal Window and Door Sealant.

Monument in Sydney, a momentous landscaping project by DécoR Pebble.
Gracing Sydney with their astounding architectural and sculptural splendor are the extravagant Monument Apartmentsdesigned by Melbourne based Wood Marsh Architects. Hailed as the icon of exceptional design, the breathtaking structural design of their iridescent metallic exterior is contrasted with a tranquil garden, adding to the enigmatic beauty of this architectural tour de force. This outstanding design is a representation of a new period for residential projects as well as the limitless appl

New Panel Glide System from Verosol Window Furnishings
Contemporary in design and with the softness of fabric, Verosol Window Furnishings Panel Glide System works as a window covering, room divider or wall feature.

Palazzo Versace - a waterproofing challenge for Grace Construction Products.
What a challenge - 4.200m2 of shallow lagoons and 23 private swimming pools in all corners of the structure required awaterproofing system of the utmost integrity. Formally known as Chemind waterproofing systems, Grace were selected based on an extensive track record of some 20 years, and the versatility of the products available.

Perspex™ Frost from Allplastics - stylish, double-sided, anti-reflective material designed to give the effect of sand blasted glass.
Perspex Frost from Allplastics Engineering is a brand new, stylish, double-sided, anti-reflective material - designed to give the appearance of sand blasted glass and it delivers numerous practical, weight and economic advantages.

Porters Paints Boncote cement based paint is highly resistant to sun, wind, water and salt air.
Porter's Boncote cement based paint is an extremely hard-wearing finish, which will retain its looks for many years despite exposure to the harshest of environmental conditions. The finish develops a soft, slightly mottled appearance over time that belies its extreme durability, water resistance and high resistance to the effects of sun, wind and salt air.

Reckli Australia delivers high quality liquid polyurethanes, silicones & form liners.
Reckli Australia, like its German parent company, delivers high quality liquid polyurethanes, silicones and form liners, and aims to exceed clients' service expectations. In the first 12 months of operation in Australia, Reckli won Best New Product at Designbuild 2005 in Sydney. The company has now expanded into New Zealand.

Silent Gliss window treatments leads the Wave towards curtains
Silent Gliss's new curtain heading, Wave, has helped pave the way for an increasing trend towards curtains. The special header tape creates equally spaced folds so that curtains hang uniformly and cleanly.

Zip Superdry hand dryer operates automatically by infrared electronic sensor
Zip Water has introduced a new Zip SuperDry touch-free hand dryer to complement its existing range of commercial washroom solutions. The Zip SuperDry operates automatically by infra-red electronic sensor.

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