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Sub floor ventilation from Doctor Damp

Dr Damp approaches a subfloor situation with a three-pronged approach. Firstly, we remove the damp air from the underfloor, secondly we force fresh air into the space to replace it, and finally (the most critical step) we create an air circulation pattern that has a drying effect. This is calculated based on air volume, so the correct amount of circulation occurs using low cost fans.

Grates have sometimes been installed in some homes that we visit, unfortunately this often does not solve the problem. In one home, grates had been placed at intervals of approx 1 metre apart, but did not improve the airflow sufficiently - this is generally the case.

This is where the mechanical system of Dr Damp comes into it's own.

By elimination of a damp subfloor situations such as dry rot and termites you don't have the conditions they need to flourish. When the cost of treating termite infestation is considered, with about $3 - 4000 to treat an average termite infestation, let alone replacing timber and gyprock, it makes keeping your house ventilated a cost-effective investment.

In our experience in the last 10 years we have not seen termite infestation in any correctly ventilated sub floor area.

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Suite 1A, Level 2, 802 Pacific Highway, Gordon, NSW, 2082.

Doctor Damp Pty Ltd Profile

1300 557 687



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