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Elmich release innovative new VersiDrain® under-screened drainage sheets.

VersiDrain 6P is a lightweight, plastic interlocking drainage sheet positioned between the structural slab and sand or mortar screeds.

VersiDrain 6P acts as a separation layer and reduces surface cracking caused by the expansion of entrapped water and movement of structural slabs.

VersiDrain 6P creates a drainage and ventilation cavity that allows entrapped water in the screed to escape via drainage channels and perforations in the sheet.

VersiDrain 6P ensures that water and salts in the screed are prevented from migrating upward, via capillary action, to the surface to form unsightly efflorescence and algae on tiles and pavers.

VersiDrain 6P installed at the National Technological University in Singapore minimises efflorescence and tile and paver cracking on pedestrian walkways and service vehicle driveways.


  • Balconies and patios
  • Driveways & courtyards
  • Internal wet areas
  • Pool surrounds

Elmich Australia Pty Ltd Profile

02 9648 2073

Newington, NSW, 2127

Elmich Australia Pty Ltd Profile

02 9648 2073



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