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Double Hung Window System by Westech from Ecovue

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The 7600 Double Hung Window System from Westech are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to add beauty and function to any home.

Constructed with premium materials and components, the 7600 Westech Double Hung Window Systems provide exceptional safety and security, greater comfort and superb energy efficiency all year long.


Large selection of size & combinations to choose from.

Both Bottom & Top sash tilts in for easy cleaning.

Fully welded frame and sash.

Sloped and pocket sill for easy water runoff and structural integrity.

Optional Integrated nailing flange.

One piece continuous structural transom bar on all transom units.

Uni-frame construction for multiple wide units (continuous head and sill)

Up to 22mm insulated glass with double-strength glass.

Between the glass grids.

Half screens.

Constant force or Block & Tackle balance systems.

Single-cam locks on narrow windows up to 685mm and dual cam locks on windows over 685mm.

Dual weather-stripped interlocks at the meeting rail and double layered weather-stripping on the sash.

Sizes available in single wide, 2-wide, equal width 3-wide units, unequal width 3-wide units.

Flush mounted tilt latches.

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Ecovue Pty Ltd Profile

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