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Breakthrough Pool Water Treatment by Waterco

Breakthrough Pool Water Treatment by Waterco

Waterco's revolutionary breakthrough in pool water treatment

Waterco's Oxi Swim is a revolutionary breakthrough in water treatment technology that combines electrolysis with hydrogen peroxide to form a bacterial killing weapon - and it's receiving rave reviews from Queensland's prestigious Somerset College.

The combined power of two sanitisers provides an oxygen-rich swimming environment that is highly efficient in neutralising pathogens.

"Oxi Swim takes sequential disinfection to the next level with multiple layers of pathogen deactivation taking place to ensure the ultimate protection for swimmers at all times," explains Oxi Swim inventor, Nick Briscoe from Waterco. "The system also produces a long-lasting residual effect, so swimmers are protected even when it is not running."

This revolutionary water treatment solution is the first of its kind ever offered in the swimming pool sector to prevent biofilms from flourishing.

"Biofilm formation is not generally recognised as an important factor when operating a swimming pool," he explains. "This, however, is a contributing factor to increased sanitiser demands and poor water quality."

Furthermore, Oxi Swim's flexible system helps reduce operating costs for commercial pools that close during school holidays or Christmas, for example.

"Instead of running the system on hydrogen peroxide during the off season or public holidays, switching over to Oxi Swim sanitiser significantly reduces chemical costs," says Briscoe. "Running alternative sanitisers from time to time also prevents pathogens building resistance to the sanitiser used most often in the pool."

Breakthrough Pool Water Treatment by Waterco
Oxi Swim inventor, Nick Briscoe is a pioneer in low chlorine sanitisation solutions.

Waterco invention replaces traditional chloramine management

An official training camp venue for Canadian athletes competing at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Somerset College on Queensland's Gold Coast is renowned for its high-end facilities and elite swimming academy. In his pursuit to create the ideal aquatic environment for staff and students, head swimming coach and former alumni Forrest Butcher has been on a years-long mission to replace traditional chloramine management with a healthier, more reliable solution.

"Chloramines are significantly more corrosive that chlorine and had caused some surfaces to rust," he explains. "We also had swimmers who reacted to the chlorine - some with sensitive skin conditions who wouldn't go in our indoor or outdoor pools.

"Also, the smell and side effects of an enclosed chlorinated environment had become a major issue, not just for our swim students and staff but also for the environment."

Breakthrough Pool Water Treatment by Waterco
Head swimming coach Forrest Butcher says Oxi Swim has created a more enticing environment.

Waterco's Oxi Swim praised by coaches and students

Starting in 2019 with Somerset's 14-metre 100,000 litre indoor pool, Forrest has been relying on Waterco's sanitisation innovations including a chlorine-free, odourless system that is affordable and easy to use.

"Oxi Swim is a non-chlorine-based pool disinfection system which provides a safe and pleasant swimming environment without the harsh side effects of chlorine (Chloramines)," Forrest explains.

There are two Somerset College swimming pools now sanitised by Oxi Swim: a 50,000-litre infant pool and 100,000-litre learn-to-swim pool.

"Oxi Swim has created a much more enticing environment for staff and swimmers to be in - there's no acrid smell in the air and the water no longer irritates skin - without the potential harsh side effects that come when chloramines are present," Forrest adds. "This has been especially noticed by the staff who are in the water much more than the swimmers."

In addition to providing more comfortable swimming conditions, Oxi Swim has eliminated the products and processes need to continually reduce chloramines.

"Before Waterco's system was installed, this was a difficult, costly, and onerous job," he says.

Breakthrough Pool Water Treatment by Waterco
Oxi Swim is a breakthrough in pool sanitisation that allows you to select from two modes of operation with a simple flick of a switch.

Oxi Swim: Affordable, versatile, easy to use

Why it's special:

  • Can be retrofitted to any existing salt chlorination system.
  • Pool can be converted to freshwater bathing at any time.
  • Perox pH Control produces clearer water and prevents atmospheric corrosion in plant rooms.
  • Inbuilt timer with AUX output streamlines operation.
  • Chlorine feed system can support salt chlorinator output.
  • Chlorine can be delivered via Oxi Swim or existing salt chlorinator.
  • Creates an invigorating, freshwater swimming experience.
  • Simple installation, operating procedures and maintenance.
  • Reduces complex calibration and general operating costs.

Approved by Gold Coast Council

Oxi Swim underwent strict testing at Somerset College before being approved by Gold Coast Council in 2019 for use in commercial swimming pools.

"We regard this as a huge achievement," says Briscoe. "Most alternative sanitisation systems fail to get approval because very few meet all statutory requirements. In fact, Gold Coast is one of the few regional councils demanding licensed operator commercial swimming pools."

Visit www.waterco.com.au for more information.

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