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Synteko floor coatings to solve all coating problems

Synteko proudly produces the best Swedish finish in the industry. Nothing coats like Synteko Classic. Nothing brings out the natural wood beauty and luster like Synteko Classic Swedish finish. Nothing solves coating problems like Synteko Classic.

For the last 50 years, Synteko's Swedish finish known as "Classic" has withstood the test of time and set the benchmark for excellence, that no other solvent-based finish can match. Synteko's Classic system provides a unique combination of durability, scratch and scuff resistance, clarity and grain definition. The Classic system also provides unsurpassed beauty, bringing out the natural colour of your wood floor.

Classic is a sophisticated product that can be coated over all new timber floors instead of tungoil based finishes without the incidence of edge bonding or rejection. This is commonly experienced with oily timbers such as Brushbox. In addition a further advantage is the low maintenance cost associated with polyurethane type finishes.

The oily nature of wood poses multiple floor finish dilemmas. The first of which is adhesion compatibility. Cohesion must exist between the high-content natural oil in the wood and the finish applied. If such a bond is not established, the finish can peel.

The second dilemma, drying time, must also be considered. The chemical make-up of various woods such as Brushbox, Tallowwood, Turpentine and even Cypress Pine may adversely react with certain types of finish, causing intolerably long drying times coupled with rejection, bubbles and pimpling.

The third dilemma is colour. Most likely, customers will not understand that colour change is innate and not necessarily a consequence of finish application. However, many floor coating finishes will create reactions within the wood resulting in colour change. For example, polyurethane or tung oil based finish will, over time, cause Brushbox and Jarrah to go yellow and Blackbutt and Tasmanian Oak to go copper brown. Therefore, the wrong type of finish can truly alter the overall appearance of the floor.

The Swedish Solution
More than once, we at Synteko have been told by architects, designers and floor sanders that our finishes are very forgiving, and nowhere is this more evident when applying finish to problematic timber species.

Synteko Classic alleviates the frustrating issues of adhesion, finish application, drying time and tarnishing colour of the timber.

As many in the industry know, Synteko Classic is amazingly adept at bonding with any timber floor surface, especially oily or exotic wood species. In addition, Synteko Classic Swedish finish allows for smooth and uniform application. This is because of the uniform penetration of our finish that eliminates concern about uneven drying and inconsistent sheen levels.

The dramatic colour of timber is significantly heightened with the application of Synteko Classic. Rather than altering the appearance of the wood, Synteko Classic leaves a rich warm depth, accentuating the wood's existing beauty for many years. There is no plastic like build-up to detract from the unique exotic grain or tarnishing affect. If surface scratches are made in the topcoat they are less visible than other finishes and less likely to chip or peel away. No need to apply acrylic type waxes on a monthly basis. When the Synteko Classic system begins to show signs of wear it can be simply re-coated without re-sanding to bare wood.

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Synteko Pty Ltd Profile

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