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The EFVM® leak detection system is now available in Australia and makes flood testing of waterproofing membranes a thing of the past. Initially introduced to the United States market in 2001, the EFVM® System is now used extensively around the world.

Waterproofing membrane defects can occur during or after installation; e.g. mechanical damage caused by others, workmanship defects, material defects, design faults, weather related defects or membrane deterioration. EFVM® provides an efficient and highly accurate leak detection solution.

What is EFVM®
EFVM® is a low voltage test method that creates an electrical potential difference between a nonconductive membrane surface and a conductive substrate, which is earthed or grounded. By applying water on the membrane surface and using the water as a conductive medium, an electric field is created and a breach in the membrane creates a vector (ground fault connection). The EFVM® technician reads the electric flow travelling across the membrane, mapping the breaches with pin point accuracy.

Advantages of the EFVM® testing system

  • Accurate pinpointing of membrane breaches
  • Non-destructive to the membrane
  • Can be performed on sloped structural decks
  • Eliminates removal of the overburden to locate a membrane breach
  • Membrane performance can be monitored during its lifespan through the overburden
  • Membrane defects can be repaired and retested without delay to the construction schedule
  • Limited use of water required for the EFVM® test
  • EFVM® can be performed during inclement weather
  • Overburden installation can proceed immediately after or during the EFVM® test.

International Leak Detection Profile

1300 453 453

85 Rear, Mt Pleasant Road, Nunawading, VIC, 3131

International Leak Detection Profile

1300 453 453



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