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EFVM Conductive Layering - Vector Mesh Grid by ILD Australia

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Vector Mesh Grid by International Leak Detection Australia

ILD (International Leak Detection) Australia are the experts in waterproof membrane integrity testing with their electronic leak detection system, Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM®). To complement their EFVM®services, ILD proudly provides their own Vector Mesh Grid (VMG™) for use as a long term conductive layer.

What is the purpose of VMG? A conductive and earthed substrate is required for all electronic leak detection & EFVM ® to work. Since modern lightweight construction materials (such as plywood, insulation, or fibre cement sheet) are non-conductive, installing this conductive Vector Mesh Grid beneath the membrane will allow for accurate EFVM® electronic leak detection.

By specifying VMG from ILD, you are taking advantage of their patented and proven system, which will last the lifetime of the membrane. For more details on EFVM conductive layering using Vector Mesh Grid from ILD Australia, visit www.ild-australia.com.au.

International Leak Detection Profile

1300 453 453

85 Rear, Mt Pleasant Road, Nunawading, VIC, 3131

International Leak Detection Profile

1300 453 453



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