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Leak Detection for Leaking Balconies from International Leak Detection

balcony leak detecting

Do you have water leaking from a balcony membrane within your apartment or home, causing damage?

No problem! International Leak Detection (ILD®) has been detecting leaks from balconies with excellent success, though tiles, rocks and even pavers.

Leaks from balconies in the past were very difficult to locate, not the case any longer with ILD®.

With our new technology, we eliminate the costly necessity to remove tiles, pavers etc. from the area, as we can test right through them, with pinpoint accuracy.

Let ILD® efficiently detect your leaks and provide you with a comprehensive written report, arming your with the correct information to make the right decisions for your next steps.

leak detected on balcony

International Leak Detection Profile

1300 453 453

85 Rear, Mt Pleasant Road, Nunawading, VIC, 3131

International Leak Detection Profile

1300 453 453



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