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Hygiene and Protection Equipment for Commercial Establishments from Stoddart

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When it comes to increasing hygiene measures for your business or commercial establishments, look at none other than Stoddart's wide range of Australia-made products to aid in the hygiene upkeep and protection of your venue.

Established in Queensland in 1959, Stoddart's expertise in the foodservice industry has since branched out into other industries including manufacturing hygiene and protection equipment for commercial establishments.

Available products include:
  • Sanipure 80% hand sanitiser in personal and refill packs
  • hand sanitiser dispensers and stands
  • sneeze guard protection screens and acrylic dividers
  • hands-free washbasins and mobile wash stations
  • hands-free door openers

Sanipure Hand Sanitiser 5L Bulk Liquid HSL.SP05L
Sanipure Hand Sanitiser 5L Bulk Liquid HSL.SP05L

Aside from their user-friendly online store, hygiene upkeep and protection products for commercial establishments from Stoddart are available Australia-wide from a large network of affiliated distributors.

Over 200 retailers and contractors can help provide assistance for any customer questions and inquiries. For your next hygiene purchase and to learn more about Stoddart's hygiene and protection equipment in your area, head over to stoddart.com.au today.

Stoddart Profile

07 3440 7600

39 Forest Way, Karawatha, QLD, 4117

Stoddart Profile

07 3440 7600



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