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Solatube energy efficient skylights increase the value of your home - go green

Your home is probably the most valuable asset you own and energy efficient, sustainable homes are rapidly increasing in value due to their greater comfort levels and lower running costs.

It is therefore important to maintain, nurture and enhance your property's appeal with "green" upgrades in order to ultimately increase its value and marketability.

Research conducted by Solatube, producers of energy efficient skylights and ventilation systems showed that homes built today have a higher re-sale value if built using green building technology.

According to Solatube General Manager Mark Peall, any kind of energy upgrade will make your property increase substantially.

"Green projects typically sell or lease faster and retain tenants better because they combine superior amenity and comfort with lower operating costs," Mr Peall said.

Skylights are one such example of energy saving upgrades that are not only eco-friendly but also reduce energy bills.

"Quality day-lighting systems offer improved comfort, reduced operating costs and a stronger connection to the outdoors, making them more marketable to tenants and valuable to building owners," Mr Peall said.

"Day-lit properties are likely to rent faster and for higher rates and additionally, when the owner is ready to sell, the investment in energy efficiency should bring added resale value."

"Because people are willing to spend more for a comfortable home, owners can charge more," he said.

Mr Peall has some suggestions for other "green" or environmentally sustainable building practices that can ultimately increase the value of your property.

"A proper ventilation system is essential to reducing heat and moisture build up in roof cavities and attics as high humidity levels can cause structural damage through mould, fungal decay and saturating insulation," Mr Peall said.

"At the same time, heat build up is transferred into living areas, dramatically increasing both temperatures and energy bills so a ventilator works to circulate the air, ultimately reducing heat and air conditioning costs," he said.

Mr Peall also suggests using natural floor coverings, motion sensor lights and solar hot water, all of which are simple things that can make a house even "greener."

Green buildings can earn higher rents and prices, attract tenants and buyers more quickly and cost less to operate, showing a direct link between the market value of real estate and it's environmentally friendliness.

For a free, no obligation quote on energy efficient natural lighting and ventilation solutions contact one of Solatube's local professional representatives today on 13 16 19 or visit the website at www.solatube.com.au.

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Solatube Australia Profile

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