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Whittle Waxes

Whittle Waxes non-toxic exterior oil

Whittle Waxes Bangkirai Oil (from PNZ) is an exterior timber coating with a difference and great green credential. A wax that dries hard, it is comprised of tough, weatherable oils and micro fine pigments that block UV rays and protect wood from decay. It is odourless after drying and contains no toxic substances.

The finish is a sophisticated soft satin that, with the natural pigments, enhance the red of exotic timbers such as mahogany, meranti, nyatoh, robble, jarrah, spotted gum, belinga, as well as for Douglas fir, robinia, oak, larch and cedar. Because it hardens in the grain of the timber, Bangkirai Oil naturally enhances it's natural beauty to it's full potential.

Areas of Use
Bangkirai Oil is at home on any external timber surface, such as terrace flooring, decks, carports, garden furniture, screens, external cladding, etc.

The application of traditional exterior finishes can be more involved and require more time and effort than this fantastic product, which requires very simple preparation and can be applied with a range of different applicators.

Coverage: 1 litre covers approx. 20m² / coat.
Available in: 0.75 litres, 2.5 litres, 10 litres, 30 litres and larger.

Whittle Waxes Profile

1300 326 929

47 Killawarra Road, Lake Macdonald QLD 4563

Whittle Waxes Profile

1300 326 929



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