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Introducing ProtectSys

ProtectSys® is now available to International Leak Detection Australia. It is a remote, real time roof cavity monitoring system.

The system incorporates battery powered sensor boxes which transmit test results to solar powered central hub.

This hub collates information from up to 250 sensors and forwards it to ILD central computer where we monitor the roof system and generate a report at predetermined timer periods. Should the roof system suffer a failure we have the facility to contact the building owner immediately.

Installing ProtectSys is investing in the structure, proving a secure, monitored roof system which provides certainty to the structure throughout the life of the building.

ProtectSys® is prevention,protection and a peace of mind.

International Leak Detection Profile

1300 453 453

85 Rear, Mt Pleasant Road, Nunawading, VIC, 3131

International Leak Detection Profile

1300 453 453



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