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FoneTrack™ portable personal or vehicle tracking by Kirtech

Kirtech's FoneTrack™ is designed for both portable personal and in-vehicle tracking with detailed reporting functions and an emergency notification feature. FoneTrack™ comes in a smooth-edge case that can easily fit in a vest pocket, glove box or mounted on a dashboard (car charger and in-car holder included).

In standard operating mode, the unit reports its position via the mobile telephone network (eg. Telstra, Vodafone, Optus) and its locations can be monitored in Real Time. A supervisor can track any movement of the device via the KIRTrack web site in real time.

When the SOS button is pressed, the unit will discreetly transmit emergency location messages for an immediate response.

Voice capability with three 'speed dial' buttons ensures that calls are only made to those numbers as allowed by management (no more "questionable" calls on your phone bills!) and/or screen incoming calls and only accept calls from an 'allowed' list of numbers.

Hardware Features

  • Super compact, lightweight, and rugged.
  • Location accuracy 5-10 metres.
  • Voice Monitoring (discreetly listen to what is occurring around the device without the user knowing) - an invaluable tool for security and emergency situations.
  • Two-way voice.

Tracking (Kirtrack.com) Features

  • Fully web based, 24/7 availability.
  • Detailed street level mapping throughout Australia.
  • Geofencing (alerts when device enters/exits pre-set area).
  • 'Breadcrumbs' showing path of device over time.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Full historical reporting options for recording position, speed, idle time, etc.

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1300 551 511




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