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KIRTrack GPS tracking solutions from Kirtech

GPS Fleet Tracking just got easier with KIRTrack's offering of full asset visibility with both 2D mapping and 3D satellite imagery with extensions to the Google Earth interface.

KIRTrack Web-based GPS tracking software gives businesses the ability to manage their vehicles, containers and other mobile (or potentially mobile) assets, anywhere on the planet! With the unique capability to offer customers the ability to send tracking signals via the normal mobile telephone network (GPRS or SMS) for tracking in Metropolitan regions, or signaling via satellite (Inmarsat) for world-wide tracking solutions where mobile networks may not be available.

GPS tracking hardware may be installed in any vehicles such as Trucks, Buses, Cars, Vans, Aircraft, Tractors, Trains and even Bicycles to give business managers the tools to know where their assets are, what they are doing, what they have done and more. With sophisticated GPS devices, KIRTrack can even advise when doors have been opened, movement detected, speed limits exceeded and temperature limits exceeded. KIRTrack can even monitor engine hours load levels.

As an addition, KIRTrack may also provide two-way satellite communications with the driver and may include the option of a 'panic' button when operating in potentially hazardous environments.

KIRTrack can provide detailed street-level maps covering most of the populated areas in the world and its Google Earth integration provides detailed 3D satellite imagery where street level mapping may not be available.

KIRTrack supports customers in most countries in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everything in between.

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1300 551 511




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