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Surface Sealant Basics - Sealers 101 by Stain-Proof

Surface Sealant Basics - Sealers 101 by Stain-Proof

Sealers from Stain-Proof perform an important role when it comes to the lifespan of surfaces and having them applied properly helps property owners avoid future problems. Here is a brief overview about surface sealants, brought to you by your team from Stain-Proof;

Impregnating/Penetrating Sealers Vs Topical Sealers (Coatings)

Impregnating sealers work by repelling oil and water from surfaces, making them more than just a physical barrier, such as topical sealants. However, it's vital to note that they do not make surfaces impervious to staining, so it is still important to clean oil and water spills as soon as possible to prevent damage. Impregnating sealers are also breathable, which means that moisture can escape the treated material via evaporation.

Topical sealers, on the other hand, act as a physical barrier that is effective against stains. However, the use of topical sealers has greatly declined over the last fifty years. This is because of a few drawbacks when it comes to using these products. To mention a few:

  • Topical sealers can change the look or colour of your surface.
  • Topical sealers, when applied, tend to be slippery and make cleaning difficult.
  • Topical sealers are not breathable; therefore, they trap moisture within treated surfaces and make them more susceptible to damage.
  • Topical sealers can nurture the growth of mould and efflorescence under the coating, which is impossible to clean.
  • Topical sealers lose effectiveness in the long run, especially in high-traffic areas, and require the need for constant reapplication which can be costly or time-consuming.

What Makes Stain-Proof Impregnators Extraordinary

As impregnating sealers have become the preferred solution when it comes to finishing surfaces, Stain-Proof has a comprehensive range that perform above and beyond similar products on the market. They feature a unique sealing technology consisting of molecules that are 400 times smaller than other impregnators. This allows them to penetrate deeper into the pores of the material being treated plus provide a more effective oil and water repellent barrier.

Not only do Stain-Proof impregnators provide more stain repellence but they also offer premium protection against efflorescence, salt/freeze-thaw spalling, and picture framing. Not least, Stain-Proof impregnators have up to 70% more active ingredients when compared to the 5-10% given by other solutions.

For the utmost surface sealing, here are Stain-Proof's fully breathable, penetrating/impregnating sealers that may help you with your application:

  • Premium Impregnating Sealer - Known previously as Stain-Proof™ Original, this premium formula provides lasting oil and water repellence as well as protection against efflorescence and freeze-thaw/salt spalling.
  • Dense Stone Impregnating Sealer - An invisible, breathable yet impregnating sealer specifically formulated for protecting natural stone countertops and benchtops.
  • Waterborne Dense Stone Sealer - A highly breathable and impregnating sealer ideal for protecting a variety of dense natural stone surfaces such as countertops, concrete floors, tiles, pavers, and masonry.

For more information on surface sealants by Stain-Proof, head over to www.drytreat.com today.

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STAIN-PROOF by Dry-Treat Profile

1800 786 617 (Toll Free) or (03) 9338 9851



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