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Maintaining Sealed Surfaces with Stain-Proof

Maintaining Sealed Surfaces Stain-Proof - Maintaining Sealed Surfaces

Proper surface care involves sealing surfaces with superior products. With Stain-Proof's roster of sealing solutions, maintaining sealed surfaces is made simpler and easier. Here are Stain-Proof's recommendations on how to care for your sealed surfaces;

  1. Using Stain-Proof Impregnating Sealer is the first step in providing effective stain resistance for your surface. However, sealing alone does not shield surfaces from dirt. So it's important to still clean surfaces regularly as non-sealed surfaces to keep a sealed surface looking its best.
  2. To keep surfaces free from abrasive dirt that can wear them when walked on, light sweeping or vacuuming should be done prior to wet mopping. Using Stain-Proof Daily Floor Cleaner with a clean mop is effective in removing leftover marks caused by acidic substances, food, and beverages. Spot cleaning with Stain-Proof Daily Floor Cleaner is also helpful with spills to reduce absorption.
  3. You can use Stain-Proof SMC Peroxide Cleaner (previously known as S-Tech Stone & Masonry Cleaner) or Stain-Proof Alkaline Cleaner (previously known as Oxy-Klenza) monthly to help remove surface soiling while maintaining stain protection.
  4. Lastly for utmost maintenance, use Stain-Proof SMC Peroxide Cleaner or Stain-Proof Alkaline Cleaner to scrub surfaces once every six months. Both of these products are heavy-duty solutions that can help remove stubborn grime and staining caused by oil or grease, moulds, leaf marks, plus hard to remove food and beverages.

For more details on maintaining sealed surfaces with Stain-Proof, please visit www.drytreat.com today.

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STAIN-PROOF by Dry-Treat Profile

1800 786 617 (Toll Free) or (03) 9338 9851



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