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DIY hydronic underfloor heating from Amuheat

The Amuheat' Speedfit system is suited for DIY hydronic underfloor heating installations. The all white system is lightweight, easy to handle, offers reductions in installation time by up to 40%, and does not require special tooling for connections.

Other benefits and features of the DIY hydronic underfloor heating system include;

  • Pipe flexibility which permits the cabling of pipe through less accessible areas.
  • No risk of fire or flames from a blowtorch.
  • Easier to work with in confined spaces.
  • Corrosion free.
  • No scale build up.
  • Lead free and non toxic.
  • Less noise from water flow and expansion/contraction.
  • Long pipe lengths reduce fittings required.

The pipes have an inner barrier to prevent the ingress of air. For screed systems, the pipe is attached directly to insulation with staples, floor clips or mounting rails. Spreader plates are available for timber flooring. The pipe is lightweight and flexible making it especially suitable for DIY hydronic underfloor heating installations.

The DIY hyrdonic underfloor heating system features push fit technology. Once the pipes have been configured around the floor, they are pushed into the fitting on the manifold. The fittings have a unique grip then seal construction made up of a collet with stainless steel teeth to grip the pipe when presented. Through use of a superseal pipe insert a double 'O' ring provides a permanent leak proof seal.

The manifolds are manufactured from high quality DZR brass, complete with adjustable flow gauge, drain valve and air bleed valve. They are pre assembled on wall brackets and supplied with screws and plugs, again for an easy DIY hydronic underfloor heating install.

For the majority of DIY hydronic underfloor heating installations, it is important to know upfront, you may require a licencsed plumber to test that the pipework has been installed correctly prior to the screed being laid. Testing should be carried out at 2 bar for 10 minutes and 10 bar for 10 minutes. Your plumber should also connect the services to the boiler.

Amuheat is available to help you get the best from your DIY hydronic underfloor heating system. Our services include assessing the suitability of hydronic heating for your project, free no obligation heating designs and quotations.

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