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Vandal resistance bathroom products from RBA Group

RBA Group is pleased to announce our complete range of vandal resistant toilets, vandal resistant basins, vandal resistant tap ware and vandal resistant accessories. The RBA vandal resistant suite of commercial bathroom products has been designed for applications in correctional, unsupervised or public environments.

This series of vandal resistant bathroom products includes features such as laser-cut access panels, security or fully concealed fixings and self-closing tap ware.

The series has been designed to cater for the needs of a variety of demanding applications. They have been constructed for use in the toughest conditions while maintaining a high level of aesthetic appeal.

The RBA vandal resistant bathroom product range is remarkably tough and provides a high level of resistance to attack. Our line of premium stainless steel toilets offers integral stainless steel toilet seats. Our vandal resistant basins also comply with the requirements of the Australian Disabled code AS1428.1-2001. Our vandal resistant tap ware offers self-closing and stainless steel push-button options. Our vandal resistant accessories including stainless steel shelves, stainless steel toilet roll holders and stainless steel soap dishes offer fixed-from-rear and anti-tamper options.

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RBA Group Profile

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