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SPANDEX Plus is a proven system which provides a cost-effective method for long-term filling and sealing of concrete joints from Embleton

SPANDEX Plus follows structural movement of the slab, expanding and compressing to maintain a positive seal against the joint faces. It does not extrude from the joint.

SPANDEX Plus offers a simple, straightforward method for installing Expansion, Contraction and Construction joints in concrete. It may be used in new work or for repair of existing joints in old concrete.

How it Works:
Thickness as Supplied
SPANDEX Plus is supplied as a pre-formed strip, fabricated to joint depth and the design width necessary to accommodate predicted movement. Strips are cut to length the suit actual pavement dimensions or supplied for easy on-site jointing as required.

Expands to 140% of its original thickness
Exposure to moisture, weather and / or green concrete releases built-in stresses to initiate expansion. Although SPANDEX Plus will accommodate an opening of the joint to 140% of its initial width, pavements should be designed for a maximum of 125% to ensure an effective interference pressure seal.

Compresses to a fraction of its original thickness without extrusion
SPANDEX Plus follows subsequent movement in either direction to maintain a positive seal.

Other advantages of SPANDEX Plus include: water resistant, no need for sealers, installs flush with mating surfaces, requires minimum maintenance, and is incredibly durable.

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Embelton Profile

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