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It's hard to believe it's October already and by the end of this week the AWA National Conference will be in full swing. I hope to catch up with many of you there. Please come up and say hello.

This month I would like to share with you another snippet from Roger La Salle, Matrix Thinking:

What is Productivity?

In general productivity is a measure of the efficiency with which a task is undertaken. Normally this term applies to the so called "muscle workers" as Karl Marx called them. Those that physically toil to produce an outcome. This could apply to manufacturing, mining or agriculture and the like. In past years we have seen governments of all persuasions talking about improving productivity within the Australian workforce, but just what does this mean and is it the "main game"?

Look at the Big Picture

There are several ways to look at this, but in simplistic terms, productivity increases do not lead to business development or expansion, except somewhat by accident as a lower priced product may win more markets. But to be frank, no amount of productivity improvement will allow us to compete with Asian or Indian manufacturers that pay a fraction of the costs and overheads industry in Australia has to bear.

In reality, if you look at a company profit and loss statement the facts are obvious. Revenue minus costs equals profit. So if we improve productivity, costs go down and profits go up. This is great for the boss and maybe the Government that collects more taxes, but this does not expand the top line of business; revenue. To do this new markets and new protected or innovated products are needed.

Full employment may be a casualty!

Further, in theory, if one likes to extrapolate productive improvement to infinity, what this creates is unemployment as labour is removed to achieve the same outcome to serve the same market. Of course such an extrapolation is extreme, but in a microcosm this is actually happening in many industries as automation to improve productivity replaces muscle workers. Just look at garbage collections today, achieved in a fraction of the time with less effort and half the staff of yesteryear. Further, as wages rise and business overheads increase the drive to replace labour is even stronger and now the flames of head count reduction, courtesy of automation, are being fanned by low interest rates.

What is most needed is product growth

In short, what we need in this country are new products, services (ones that actually generate wealth like inbound tourism) and innovation, all appropriately. Alternatively, or as many do, the constant drive to replace the old with the new, before the competition can react, will continue.

Productivity might have a nice political ring, but in essence, this alone is almost a lost cause in this country, and even so, of little value in building the wealth.

Marketing & Communications

Fenestration Australia 2013 - There's still time to register if you have forgotten.
Our annual conference is being held this week, you still have time to register call us on 02 9498 2768

AWA Wall Planner Advertising Soon To Be Released
$1100.00 per space
Don't miss the opportunity to advertise in the 2014 wall planner. Limited spaces available, if you are interested in booking a space or require more information please email Patrizia Tresca patrizia.tresca@awa.org.au

AWA Website - Technical Information
Are you missing out on having access to all of the technical information on the AWA website? Haven't set up your details yet? Unsure how to logon? Follow this link and be guided through the process or contact the AWA office for help on 02 94982768 or 03 9808 0069


The new AS 1288 tool will be launched at Fenestration Australia. The tool calculates glass thickness based on wind loads for single glazing and IGUs with two and four edge support. IGUs with different glass types and thickness can be easily calculated with one click!
Check efficientglazing.net on Friday for more details.


There are still places left in the Level 1 Course in Perth on 15-16 October. Other Level 1 Courses coming up are 29-30 October in Sydney and 12-13 November in Brisbane. An AFRC Simulator Operator Course is running on 26-28 November in Sydney.

The Online Window Induction Course is targeted at new and recent staff. It covers all the industry basics. Many companies are now making it an integral part of their staff induction which is just how it was designed to be used. The AS 4055 tool is available to those who have completed the online training on how to use it.


With 38%* of the energy of a typical household being used for heating and cooling the ABCB has released information highlighting the difference between houses built under the 2003 BCA provisions and those built ten years later under the 2013 BCA provisions. The info graphic highlights the reductions in energy usage for a typical household with a decrease in kWh/m2 energy reduction of over 50%*. This is achieved through increases in both wall and roof insulation levels along with a move from single clear glazing in an aluminium frame to clear double glazing being shown as the typical construction*.

For more information and to view the info-graphic please visit http://www.abcb.gov.au/en/major-initiatives/energy-efficiency/residential-housing.

* Based on information from the ABCB Information Graphic "How Have Housing Energy Efficiency Requirements Made a Difference?" Published 16 September 2013.

Notice Board

AS2047 open for public comment. Click here for more information. Compliance Certificate now available to download here

Important Dates

October 3 Technical Committee Meeting
October 3 - 5 Fenestration Australia - Canberra
October 14 Hardware Committee Meeting
October 15-16 Level 1 - Perth
October 29 AWA Board Meeting
October 29-30 Level 1 - Sydney

(02) 9498 2768




(02) 9498 2768




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