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Embelton Impacta Mat stops noise at High-Rise apartments

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An 11 storey property once owned by the Electricity Trust of South Australia is being transformed into an impressive apartment complex known as the Air Apartments.

An 11 storey property once owned by the Electricity Trust of South Australia is being transformed into an impressive apartment building by Fairmont Homes, offering residents a panoramic view of Adelaide in luxurious parkland surroundings.

Situated in Eastwood, just two kilometres from the CBD, the Air Apartments come complete with all the ‘mod cons’, including an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, spa and gymnasium, servicing the residents of the 140 units (including six penthouses).

So popular has been the pre-construction sale of these apartments, further sales have been suspended until the units are completed.

Complimenting the luxurious look of the apartments is the installation of carpet and timber flooring, Peter Fitzgerald from Discount City Carpets awarded the tender to supply and fit both products, subcontracting to Ned Pacjin of Nedesa Flooring to install the timber.

"We're installing 12mm European Oak from Latvia," Peter advised, which he says is being imported into the country by a local timber importer.

"Apparently the trees came from some lake area in Latvia and have been there since World War Two. They even have bullets and shrapnel in the timber.

"I've been told the people processing the logs have had to install special equipment to detect the metal before the logs can be put through the mill," Peter advised.

The 14mm overlay European Oak
flooring, finished using Polycure's Polyurethane coating, provides
"the look the customer wants"
says installer Ned Pacjin of
Nedesa Flooring.

Imported as a 14mm overlay flooring, in the vicinity of 6,500 sq m of European Oak is being installed with a rubber sound barrier adhered directly to the concrete subfloor and placed beneath the timber flooring, which is then adhered directly to the rubber matting.

Lift lobbies, restaurants and a bar area are included in the job, with a specially designed parquetry floor being installed in the top penthouse area.

"Some of the units have Blackbutt or Brush Box flooring and a few others have parquetry, dependant on the client's preference," Peter added, stating a number have been sold off the plans prior to construction.

Bostik Ultraset adhesive is being used to adhere both the 7mm ImpactaMat acoustic matting, supplied by GP Embelton, and the timber flooring.

Using Bostik Ultraset adhesive, GP Embelton's Impactamat acoustic rubber matting has been installed in all the apartments, followed by a number of other solid timber products, adhered directly to the subfloor matting.

Ned from Nedesa Flooring informed the concrete subfloor has been pre-prepared by the builder prior to them coming on site to install the flooring, with a timber sheet material needed to raise the floor level to the appropriate height in three of the apartments.

"We use the Bostik Ultraset to glue the ImpactaMat to the concrete and then use it again for the timber. I've used Ultraset for the last eight years and am more than happy with it.

"There are a lot of other products out there on the market but Ultraset is ‘top stuff’," Ned stated.

"The Bostik guys are great and don't hesitate to come on site if we need help."

The European Oak was also installed in the showroom apartment, finished with a Polycure's Fastaseal 3030, followed by the Cork & Timber Gloss 1044 and Durapol 1045.

"This is also an excellent product," Ned commented, saying the final appearance of the floor using polyurethane gives the floor a ‘golden’ look, "which is what the customers like".

He informed the same procedure is being used on all the timber floors throughout the 11 storey complex.

Work commenced on the complex just over 12 months ago and work is expected to be completed by mid 2005.

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