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Ultra Slim LED MiniStar Energy Efficient Light from HotBeam

mini LED

Introducing the ultra slim LED MiniStar light -
simple, innovative and energy efficient

Melbourne, May 2010

Hotbeam - Pioneer in LED lighting has released an exciting, energy efficient modular lighting product - the LED MiniStar.

The LED MiniStar has very low power consumption of 3.5 watts per unit. It has a pleasant warm white light output. The LED MiniStar's dimensions are 75mm x 75mm x 12 mm high, making it ideal for use in small spaces. It weighs in at just 77 grams.

Sleek and minimal in appearance, the innovative design provides for excellent heat dissipation giving the product a long life span. The life of the product is further enhanced with the provision of a replaceable LED module.

The LED MiniStar comes as a pack of three modules pre-wired with a wall transformer making it a simple product to specify and install. It can also be purchased in single modules for custom installations.

Use the LED MiniStar in shelving, kitchen lighting, cupboards, display cases and under cabinets. The LED MiniStar provides a simple, environmentally sound and easy to install lighting system.

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