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Solar Reflective Paint Keeps Classrooms Cool from Cocoon Coatings

hot and cold classroom solar reflective paint

Are your Students and Teachers suffering from the heat?

With high tempertures in the classroom Students and Teachers experience

- Lack of Concentration
- Loss of productivity
- Uncomfortable environment
- Lessons are disrupted by constant requests for time out to get drinks
- Classes cancelled due to heat conditions

So why put up with this any longer, reduce the heat and save on cooling costs

- Reduces up to 50% of solar heat entering building
- Significantly reduces internal temperatures
- Improves Staff and Students productivity
- Reduces air-conditioning cost by up to 48%
- 15 Year Warranty

The Solution is Cocoon Solar Reflective Painting System

Creating a Learning Advantage

Electricity consumption meters were installed by McKinnon College's Facility Manager on two identical portables.

- One of the portable buildings was treated with Solar Reflective Coating in October 2007.
- Usage patterns and operation of the portables have been consistent ever since.

Electricity Consumption Results:

electricity consumption results

mckinnon college solar reflective roof

Experience the Advantages of Cocoon Coating:

- Rapid deployment with minimal disruption to programs
- An opportunity for social science experiments
- A cooler internal building temperature on hot days
- Continuous energy and cost savings: saving you more each year

Cocoon Coatings Profile

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Cocoon Coatings Profile

03 9720 5964



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