Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Panels from Atkar

acoustic ceiling panels

Au.diPanel decorative acoustic panels installed at the new
OPSM International concept store in Hawthorn

This outstanding concept store for OPSM required an acoustic ceiling that could flow through the space without any acute corners. The panels needed to enhance the unique 'eye' shaped design.

The architect e2's innovative and challenging brief demanded continuous ceiling flows with precise curved corner details. Atkar's Au.diPanel was the perfect solution to deliver on the architect's vision across this extensive site. Perforated and solid panels and custom curved corners were installed with no visible fixings, integrating perfectly with angled feature walls and bulkheads. Using specific products and processes, Atkar designed and developed a solution that was beyond expectations, contributing to the stunning success of this world first concept store.

atkar acoustic ceiling

curved acoustic ceiling panels