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316 stainless steel tactile indicator from Eigen - the truths & myths
Stemmed Stainless Steel (316 Grade) Tactile Ground Surface Indicator (TGSI) product fails typically at the welding point where the stem is joined with the top dome. This is commonly found when the pre-drilled hole accommodating the Tactile stud is not perfectly prepared to hold the stem straight.

8800 sky light system from Silent Gliss
Winner of a 'Best Product' award at the 2006 designEX show, the 8800 skylight system is a unique way of shading large glazed areas.

Braille signage by Architectural Signs
We are pleased to be able to provide the best quality braille signage available on the market. The process not only involves engraving but drilling and placing epoxy dots in the holes to produce the most tactile braille signage available.

Building insulation materials standard released by Good Environmental Choice Australia
The long awaited GECA Building Insulation Materials Standard has been released as a final standard. Certifications have commenced under this standard and further applications are welcome.

Egyptian geometrics as ornamental tile borders from Designer Ceramics
The use of such forms as squares, diamonds, triangles and zig zag have been used and reused in many variations. During the inter-war period following the 1925 'Exposition of Decorative Arts' in Paris the Art Deco / Jazz Moderne Style grew in popularity.

Elite Home Improvements' steel doors
EHI welded steel doors are hand made to meet your particular needs they are built for their superior strength and durability. An EHI consultant can work with you to design a specific style that suits your home decor.

Elmich VesiTank® storm water storage tanks
Elmich Australia Pty Ltd manufactures and markets a range of VersiTank(R) high strength, lightweight, modular interlocking plastic sub-surface stormwater infiltration or storage modules.

Epoxy self-levelling flooring from Danlaid Contracting
Designed to be applied to a substrate in fair to good condition but certainly not a rough surface. If the substrate is rough, some patching would be required prior to application. You can have a non-slip version of this product by adding grit to the formulation. Applications are placed in thicknesses of 2mm to 5mm and will provide you with a very hard and strong, smooth, high gloss floor.

Foamular® Metric insulation outperforms other cold store flooring materials
Over a long period of time many insulations in a cold store floor suffer from compressive creep. Excess creep can cause structural damage and lead to a loss in insulation efficiency.

FoneTrack™ portable personal or vehicle tracking by Kirtech
Kirtech's FoneTrack(TM) is designed for both portable personal and in-vehicle tracking with detailed reporting functions and an emergency notification feature.

GECA release a new draft for outdoor furniture standards
GECA is pleased to release a new draft Outdoor Furniture Standard for a 60 day period of public comment. We welcome feedback on this proposed new standard.

Green Procurement training courses from Good Environmental Choice Australia
We are pleased to announce that throughout August to November 2007 Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) is running a series of 1 and 2 day training courses on Green Procurement to be presented by Suzanne Little, Executive Director of GECA and Petar Johnson, Chairman of GECA.

Karndean quiet vinyl flooring - a quiet revolution - hearing is believing
The trend towards natural looking flooring continues to grow and the mottled shades of ceramic tiles or the warm pallet offered by timber floors can now be found gracing virtually every room in a home. Or can they? If the 'ceramic' floor feels warm and kind under foot, or the 'timber' floor is quiet and smooth, you could be walking on a quiet revolution: Karndean.

Liftronic's freight lifts
The Liftronic Microfreight, is designed to offer the simplest, quickest, most economical and reliable solution to heavy lifting problems. From trolley to palletised loads, from containers to heavy goods, Microfreight provides the answer!

Marble tiles by RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics create the aura of old-world elegance
The reputation of Marble tiles as a building material has a long and illustrious 'career,' that has endured for thousands of years. One of the great qualities marble can extend to a project is the aura of artistry and old-world elegance.

Market news, export opportunities and more from Export Update
Discover how to develop the skills and knowledge required to seek out and be ready for export opportunities. This guide is great for small to medium sized businesses, or those new to exporting.

Metal finishes & coatings from Metglaze
With the obvious cost advantage of Metglaze(R) you can create the look and feel of solid metal without the need for added weight bearing reinforcement.

Metal coated doors from Metglaze Metal Coatings
Metglaze(R) is a revolutionary process whereby almost any interior or exterior surface can be coated with a wide range of metal finishes.

Porters Paints all purpose clear sealer
Most interior surfaces including wood, MDF, and as a protective coating over previously painted surfaces such as French Wash or Fresco.

RBA's stainless steel commercial basins & sinks to withstand vandal-prone areas
Designers can finally relax. RBA's range of stainless steel commercial basins and sinks now offers a practical solution to vandal-prone areas without compromising aesthetics.

DBI-SALA heavy duty shock absorbing lanyard range from Capital Safety
DBI-SALA, the world's leading manufacturer solely dedicated to the fall protection market, has announced the launch of their NEW Heavy Duty Lanyard range. The new Heavy Duty Lanyard range is the first product of its type in Australia that addresses heavy weight issues whilst working at height.

Safety signs, traffic signs & promotional signage from Architectural Signs
Our signage and vinyl department has the capability of producing a huge variety of products. These include Australian Standard Safety and Traffic signs as well as promotional signage, banners, computer cut lettering and stickers.

Silent Gliss roller blinds offers a choice of fabrics to suit every décor
Choice of Fabrics - an endless scope of textiles from which to choose, solutions for solar control, room darkening or pure decoration.

Silent Gliss' chain operated roller blind
Incredible Gearing and Ease of Operation - regular soft up and down rolling with new feather touch operation giving smooth, precise movement.

Silent Gliss link manual and motorised blind systems
Linking of manual and motorised systems - multiple blinds can be linked together to run from a single motor or chain (4840 heavy duty system).

SpaFlo pump from Waterco hydraulically efficient high head spa pump
Waterco's latest offering to the spa market is the SpaFlo pump. SpaFlo is a hydraulically efficient, high head pump designed for spas with high power requirements. It has an adjustable wet end which can be configured to suit up to 5 different plumbing conditions.

Sun N Shade opening roof system from Elite Home Improvements
With a simple switch control you can easily adjust the louvres to almost any angle, for warm sunshine, cool shade, light, ventilation or rain protection. Sun n Shade has been built into patio covers, screened enclosures, privacy screens, over swimming pools and over glass. The design options include flat, gabled, pitched or vertical.

Superior Screens Australia leading a life of Leisure Bo - outdoor lifestyle-room
Superior Screens Australia Australia has transformed the humble gazebo from a hexagonal shelter shed into a fully customisable outdoor entertaining area that can accommodate a wide range of living options.

The Australina Trellis Door Co's new Double Diamond Door
The Australian Trellis Door Company's latest addition to its Trellis Door Range - the new Double Diamond Door.

The Victorian range from Designer Ceramics - devine embossed tiles
This was an innovative period where advances in mechanisation led to further creativity in design and colour usage. Tubelining became a popular method of decoration where fine tubes of slip clay were hand drawn onto the tiles and the reservoirs between the tubes were decorated with different coloured glazes.

The VersiJack® from Elmich - high strength paver and deck support
VersiJack is a heavy duty adjustable light-weight plastic screwjack pedestal to support pavers, beams and decking at heights ranging from 75mm to 1,000mm. It eliminates the possibility of efflorescence on pavers, increases the heat insulation and reduces sound transmission.

The MultiCyclone centrifugal water filtration system from Waterco
Waterco has produced a filtration device that is capable of saving water and reducing filter maintenance. The MultiCyclone works on the basis of centrifugal water filtration. There are no moving parts to wear and tear, and no filter media to clean or replace.

Tubular skylights from Solatube provide light & cut energy consumption
Replacing incandescent light bulbs with lighting such as tubular skylights has proven a simple and cost effective way for households and businesses to decrease energy consumption and minimise global emissions.

Uni-Base Board cladding by Unitex featured at Martha Cove
Sometimes a facade is just that - a facade. When using Uni-Base Board(R) however, you get a whole lot more. Uni-Base Board is part of the Uni-EIFS(TM) range by Unitex(R) and is a lightweight, external wall cladding comprising of pre-coated, 50, 75 or 100 mm thick reinforced EPS sheets used in conjunction with Unitex Base Board Render.

VersaTac® granite tactile indicator rocks from Eigen at Newman College
When Paul Morgan Architect was commissioned to design for the renovation of this masterpiece they could not find a suitable Tactile Ground Surface Indicator product that is going to suit its style and grandeur until they call up Eigen Stones' Managing Director Michael Lim. Paul Morgan's architects were astounded when Michael showed them the Modulized Tactile Indicator sample - VersaTac(R), which is made from Natural Granite.

Wood Floor Solutions achieve the vision you have for your room
What's the vision you have for your room? Do you want bright and breezy, or warm and cozy? Do you like cool colours or rich and opulent colours. And while, this decision seems daunting, it really isn't.

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