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Solution 1 Machine Roomless Commercial Elevator from Liftronic

Solution 1 Elevator from Liftronic

A cost-effective way of moving people throughout your building
- Liftronic have the 'Solution'.

  • Smooth efficient transport - Liftronic have the 'solution'.
  • A range of standardised finishes - Liftronic have the 'solution'.
  • A standard set of design drawings - Liftronic have the 'solution'.
  • Reduced delivery and installation times - Liftronic have the 'solution'.

The SOLUTION 1 is a Machine Roomless elevator with a 630-1000kg capacity and speeds of up to 1.75 metres per second (mps) that adopts high efficiency and low energy consumption technology. This may save you up to 30% of power compared to the more conventional geared machine lift.

This no fuss workhorse will provide you with your vertical transport 'solution'.

Liftronic Pty Limited Profile

02 9666 3922

Unit 6, 153 Beauchamp Rd, Matraville, NSW, 2036

Liftronic Pty Limited Profile

02 9666 3922



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