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Altro safety flooring - 6 steps to sustainability

Altro's 6 steps to Sustainability is all about operating responsibly in a competitive world, which can often be a tricky balancing act. Altro is recognised as the flooring industry's market leader and we've already taken great strides towards creating a sustainable business. We do, however, recognise there is still a lot of hard work to do. With this in mind, we've identified 6 key steps that will improve our social, economic and environmental performance.

Altro's 6 Steps to Sustainability campaign is helping to sustain a healthy environment for future generations. Altro has always accepted its ethical responsibilities and we have now identified six key areas where we can improve further. They are:

Step 1 - Product Development.
Step 2 - Recycling.
Step 3 - Carbon Footprint.
Step 4 - Energy Saving.
Step 5 - Waste Reduction.
Step 6 - Social Responsibility.

By assessing where we are at present and identifying challenging targets for the near future Altro aims to set high standards for social and environmental responsibility. We recognise this will not always be an easy task but feel it is an important part of our development as a business. As a commercial organisation one of our key objectives is to generate profit, provide jobs and contribute to the local economy. It is our fundamental belief that we can achieve this and also have a positive effect on the wider community and the environment.

Altro Flooring and Walling Profile

1800 673 441

3 St Andrews Crt, Rowville, VIC, 3178

Altro Flooring and Walling Profile

1800 673 441



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