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Lightweight Beam Solution for Residential Builds from Galintel

Lightweight Beam Solution for Residential Builds from Galintel

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At Galintel, we have an off-the-shelf steel lintel for every residential application.

Building an open plan space where you don't want an imposing beam in the way? Looking for steel lintels to support that garage? No problem!

Our solution: the Multi-Rib T-Bar, a cost-effective lintel pioneered by us to support single and double garages, open plan living, and large alfresco areas in homes.

"It's got the ribbed finish on the vertical and base length of the lintel to facilitate what we call composite action," Galintel Business Development Manager, Pernell Briggs said. "The multi-rib profile forms a superior bond between mortar, brickwork and lintel to create a composite beam of greater strength and structural rigidity."

"It's lightweight and perfect for your larger openings where there is some load that you need to support."

The Multi-Rib T-Bar can be used for many applications but is best suited for large areas to give occupants better access to their building. The bar itself has been designed to support 230mm brickwork over clear openings and is proven to be 20% stronger than alternative techniques.

"Multi Rib T-Bar is a unique Australian designed T-Bar manufactured locally and independently tested in Australia using locally sourced steel from Bluescope Steel," Mr Briggs said.

Multi-Rib T-Bar: The Essentials

The Multi-Rib T-Bar is supplied in standard lengths, and available off-the-shelf from our extensive network of distribution partners.


  • 200 x 200 x 7mm
  • 200 x 200 x 9mm

Length range:

  • 900mm - 3300mm
  • 3600mm - 6300mm

NB: Standard lengths available in 300mm increments within length range.

They also come fully hot-dip galvanised in accordance with AS/NZS4680 and achieve an R3 Durability rating in accordance with AS/NZS2699.3. What's more, they are 40% lighter than conventional steel lintels with a high strength to weight ratio.

How it Works

The Multi-Rib T-Bar has been designed so it's easy to install for all builders.

The installation process involves placing the bar in position on brick piers, with a minimum end bearing of 150mm. Then you must prop before bricklaying (props must be no further than 1.2 metres apart and must remain in place until mortar has fully cured).

Lastly, you need to apply mortar (minimum 1:4) to all brick faces in contact with the T-Bar. The same number of courses must be laid internally and externally to prevent twisting of the T-Bar. It's that simple!

Our Multi-Rib T-Bar comes with detailed instructions and safe load tables which illustrate the number of brick courses needed to safely carry the total load across the clear span opening.

It's a fully engineered solution with all the legwork already done for you. We have tested this product rigorously through independent University testing to ensure its performance.

Compliant to Australian Standards

The Multi-Rib T-Bar is also compliant to the relevant Australian standards and the Building Code of Australia.

Builders can take comfort knowing this is an Australian-made product that is built using quality steel and to the correct specifications. There's also added peace of mind knowing our lintels are backed by our 25-year Product Warranty and easily identified through product labelling & barcoding.

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Galintel Profile

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