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Wall Wrap and Shelf Angle from Treco Steel

DuPont Tyvek HomeWrap and ABC Shelf Angle

Using the Hebel PowerPanel System for Facades?

Treco Steel Supplies the DuPont Tyvek HomeWrap and the ABC Shelf Angle to Suit!

The Design and Installation Guide for the Hebel PowerPanel System for Facades recommends the use of a Wall Wrap (Condensation Control Membrane) and a Shelf Angle. Treco Steel supplies both the recommended Tyvek HomeWrap and the ABC Pro Series Shelf Angle to suit the system's requirements.

Treco Steel has been the official New South Wales distributor of Du Pont's breathable building wrap for over 20 years. Treco currently stocks the 30 mtr rolls of Tyvek HomeWrap in both the 2743mm and 3048mm widths.

The weatherproof strength of Tyvek HomeWrap means you can leave the job (even if the brickies aren't due for weeks) and get on to other jobs at other sites. And its light. Yet it's super tough, and cuts clean and easy with a sharp knife. Then, because Tyvek "breathes", it reduces the risk of moisture build-up due to condensation.

So, why choose Tyvek HomeWrap? BECAUSE IT WORKS!

The Above and Beyond Concepts Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angle has been engineered for use in the many building systems involving cladding. The dimensions of the shelf angle are:

125mm vertical x 100mm base x 5.0mm thickness

ABC Pro-Series Shelf Angles are 3 metres in length and are supplied with seven slotted holes in the vertical leg for fixing. Structurally, the slotted holes in the Pro-Series 125 Shelf Angles have been sized and positioned in accordance with the Steel Structures standard.

As usual with any ABC product, the galvanised coating achieves the R3 durability rating. Each ABC Pro-Series Shelf Angle is authenticated by a metal stamping that identifies Above and Beyond Concepts as the manufacturer, states the R3 durability classification and, also, signifies the compliance with Masonry Construction standard.

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