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Gymnasium Acoustic Panels from Pyrotek Noise Control

gymnasium acoustic panels

"Quite Please"
Pyrotek's robust acoustic panels puts
the hush on school's gymnasium noise problem

Crusoe College in Bendigo required a solution to the loud noise levels they were experiencing in the school's gym. The school was finding that the noise level generated from the sports classes was very high and proved problematic for teaching staff relaying instructions to students whilst completing activities. It also lead to the clarity of PA system announcements being poor (speech intelligibility).

The school engaged Pyrotek Noise Control in 2011 to find a suitable solution to lower the noise levels in the gym to provide a better environment for sport classes and for improved clarity for potentially important PA system announcements.

After consultations with Pyrotek it was agreed that the school would install 124 Pyrotek Echohush Cosmo Panels around the gym walls to absorb sound energy generated from gym activities.

Before the panels were installed initial testing was conducted to test the durability of the Echohush panels, to ensure they were fit for purpose in a gym setting. A test panel was taken to the school and students were ultimately asked to try and damage the panel with any of the sports balls they would use in class.

The panel was not damaged throughout the test and a second reinforced panel was not needed, as the stock Echohush panel was deemed robust and durable.

The fact that the panel remained undamaged and was still able to provide the stated acoustic performance impressed Crusoe College's Principal and staff.

The testing showed that the Echohush range of panels is robust and durable for applications where considerable impact is possible, whilst still being able to provide quality noise control performance.

Pyrotek was also able to offer Crusoe College a more personalised service by providing the Echohush panels in colours that matched with the colours already painted on the gymnasium walls.

The panels were installed around the gym using Aluminium Z section which was fixed directly to the concrete wall by power nails shot directly into the slab. The Z section was then laser levelled to ensure it was installed straight and level. The Echohush panels were simply slid under the bottom rail and then hooked over the top rail with an angle section installed over the top to ensure panels could not be easily removed.

Pyrotek engaged the services of Marshall Day Acoustics to conduct independent acoustic testing to ensure the installed Echohush panels delivered the correct outcome of lower noise levels in the gym.

Measurement were taken both before and after the installation of panels occurred and were conducted at five separate points in the gym including the corners and centre area of the floor.

The test results came back positive the installation of the Echohush panels had taken the reverberation time of the T30 at 1 KHz (s) test from 4.3 before installation down to 1.5 post installation.

Andrew Cooper consultant for Marshall Day Acoustics stated:

"The treatment has provided a significant reduction in the reverberation time of the space and it was observed that the clarity of speech of the PA announcements in the Gymnasium has also noticeably improved".

The solution provided by Pyrotek Noise Control has enabled Crusoe College to lower the noise energy reverberation time to within the maximum specified reverberation time of less than (<) 1.5 seconds as set out by the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (2010, pp. 9) in their educational facilities guidelines.

Appendix A

Figure 1 - Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants 2010, pp.9

Reference List

1) Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants 2010, Guidelines for Educational Facilities, Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants, retrieved 13 February 2014, http://www.aaac.org.au/au/aaac/downloads_website/AAAC%20Guideline%20for%20Educational%20Facilities%20Acoustics%202010.pdf

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