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A 'Can Do' Attitude When it Comes to Noise Control

Information supplied By Rob Thomas complied by marketing Australia.

The Can Do Group provides support for children dealing with hearing or vision impairment. Their goal is to improve how these youngsters interact with the sight-and-sound oriented world around them.

In addition to testing the auditory capabilities of both adults and children, the group provides a hearing aid fitting service and runs education programs designed to assist people dealing with hearing or vision loss.

One of the challenges the Can Do Group experiences when providing it's services is the need for all auditory testing to occur in a controlled noise-free environment.

A Sound Approach to Keeping Costs Down

In an effort to expand the reach of their services, the Can Do Group established a new office in Adelaide to conduct hearing and vision testing for children.

Rather than expending precious resources on costly dedicated audiology test booths, Can Do chose instead to invest in affordable speciality noise control products.

Can Do approached Pyrotek and asked them to develop a solution that would deal with the noise problems they were facing. The goal was to reduce the transmission of sound through the walls and ceilings between adjoining rooms.

The particular rooms in question are the ones designated for use in auditory testing and speech therapy. Ideally, these rooms needed to be as quite as possible meeting Australian standards for occupational noise management.

Pyrotek's Noise Control Approach

To get the required noise reduction in the auditory testing and therapy rooms, a multi-pronged approach was formulated by Pyrotek. The first part of the plan was to install Wavebar noise barrier material inside the wall cavities and ceiling of the relevant rooms.

Next, the walls (made of gyprock) were fitted with Sorberfoam. These have a decorative fabric finish designed to absorb noise, whilst at the same time being visually appealing.

In the room designated for speech therapy, a dividing wall was built. This effectively doubled Can Do Group's treatment facilities in almost an instant. The therapy rooms were treated with Wavebar, just like the other rooms. Sorberfoam fabric faced acoustic panels were used on side walls.

A Great Outcome for All

The installation of noise control materials by Pyrotek resulted in two very quiet rooms, perfect for Can Do Group's purposes (hearing testing and speech therapy).

Pyrotek's expertise and industry-leading product range meant significant savings for the Can Do Group (compared to what specialist sound booths would cost).

But Pyrotek is about more than just saving money; their products blend-in seamlessly with the environment, adding to the appeal of a room rather than becoming an out of place after-thought. This was important to the Can Do Group as it helped create an friendly less intimidating environment for the kids.

In the end, it was all about helping Can Do deliver better services as they strive to improve the quality of life for children with hearing or vision impairment.

Pyrotek is especially proud to have been involved in this project, assisting a group who's work is much needed the community.

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