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Edcon Steel Joins ASI Environmental Sustainability Charter

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Edcon Steel recently joined the Australian Steel Institute Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC) which allows clients to claim one of two available Green Star Points available for steel in building projects.

The objective of the ESC is to develop steel as a sustainable form of construction and to have the steel industry chain operate in an environmentally responsible way.

Steel is recognised as a sustainable material and there is a need to establish mechanisms for companies to determine what a sustainable steel supplier is and how to identify one.

This Charter is designed for downstream enterprises associated with steel manufacturing, fabrication or services to demonstrate a company's approach to environmental improvement, particularly where a company is required to achieve an accreditation as a contractual requirement, and is designed to be used by regulators, environmental rating agencies and bodies such as the Green Building Council of Australia.

Edcon Steel Profile

1300 233 266

Brookvale, NSW, 2100

Edcon Steel Profile

1300 233 266



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